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Let the children of different gods all unite! We are one, and we are related! Credit to Peggy Carter for the site banner and icons!
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 Studying. (Open)

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PostSubject: Studying. (Open)   Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:07 am

After eating dinner with the rest of the magicians of Brooklyn House and taking a nice, long bath, Francesca Rabeh decided to catch up on some work in the library. She had her laptop in her lap while a cup of cocoa spiked with some gin on the table beside the chair. She wore a red tank top that matched her red and black pajama pants. It was around midnight and she knew that not being in her room pass curfew was not a good thing. Oh well, Francesca would just have to take the scolding from either Carter or Sadie. She was a grown ass woman anyways. Then her mind trailed off to how old her child would've been. Maybe four? Four and a half? A small smile came to her lips, but was quickly taken off when she realized that it was only a dream.

Instead she decided to go back to studying, pushing back those wishful thoughts so far that not even she can recognize them as her own. Pushing her glasses back up the bridge of her nose, she opened a new tab on her MacBook and searched for "Ancient Egyptian Magicians"

Romans: ChowilawuTanzaniaVinoIsaac
Egyptians: MalcolmBellamyBa'alEvan
Aztecs: CarmenSantiagoJavierZoilaGonzalo
Chinese: Lei
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Studying. (Open)
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