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 Yep, that's me

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Yep, that's me Tumblr_mzqidiXgPv1qgh7sfo9_250

It was a beautiful day, not as beautiful as the one enjoying it, and Javier Salvador decided to spend the rest of his free time outside. He was sitting at a table outside of a café with his feet propped up on the seat adjacent to him. The son of Xochiquetzal was wearing his Hollister outfit that he bought when he went to New York City; a pink V-neck sweater, light gray classic fit hybrid shorts, and a pair of light gray slip on sneakers. For accessories, he has a silver chain around his neck that matched his watch and sunglasses which were resting on the bridge of his nose. He smelled of coastline cologne, also Hollister. Javier was reading over his study guide for his exam today, making sure that Cyrus knew that he was paying attention to what he was teaching and not just staring at his gorgeous face. "Who is not a Mesoamerican or South American deity of the Dead?" He moistened his lip and highlighted 'Hades' with his pink highlighter. "Muy bien, Javi. Muy bien." Now on to question ten.

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Yep, that's me
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