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Let the children of different gods all unite! We are one, and we are related! Credit to Peggy Carter for the site banner and icons!
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PostSubject: Site Shop   Site Shop Icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2015 11:54 am

To buy one of the following, just PM an Admin. No IOUs.
Note: the admins can deny a request to buy something at any time

Name change: 50 coins

Mystery box: 200 coins

Exotic pet (starts out with one unique quality/power): 350 coins
50 coins for each additional quality/power

Approver ticket (buy this and automatically an available admin/mod will check your form. We'll get check your form in the next 5 minutes or your money back (note: remember to give us time to respond, and this also only applies if the mod/admin says they're available at the moment)): 500 coins

Quest: 500 coins

Character transfer (transfer a character from another site without using this site's form, instead using the other site's form): 750 coins

Character slot (after six): 1,000 coins

God parent/God follower visit: 2,000 coins

God parent/God follower gift: 2,000 coins

Legacy of a Big Three god/Geb or Nut: 2,500 coins

Big Three/Geb or Nut demigod: 10,000 coins (Note: this people will admittedly have OP powers)

Mason Valley, son of Minerva~14 (Third Cohort)
Wade Juinse, son of Cupid, legacy of Mars~16 (Centurion of the First Cohort)
Colten Juinse, son of Cupid, legacy of Mars~15 (Second Cohort)
Brett Jazey, son of Chalchiuhtlicue, legacy of Mixcoatl~16 (Unified Leader)
Pablo Connell, legacy of Xiuhtecuhtli and Tonatiuh~15 (Middle tribal warrior)
Skye Automatto, daughter of Nut~16
Levi Virtanen, son of Skadi~17 (1/3 of triplets) [Midgard]
Zelda, elf~20 [Midgard]
Max Hennis, son of Loki~16
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Site Shop
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