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 who lives who dies who tells your story

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PostSubject: who lives who dies who tells your story   who lives who dies who tells your story Icon_minitimeSun Nov 15, 2015 12:13 pm

Lana Grace Monroe was a fish out of water when coming to Brooklyn House. No literally. Born and raised in Rehoboth, DE Lana lived right on the beach and spent most of her time there. As a follower of Ma'at Lana Grace is quite a mom. She likes to fix things and protect people. She enjoys braiding hair and is a violin prodigy. She works with her mentor/absolute icon, Aliana Parks on her violin skills and girl problems. Lana Grace identifies as homosexual and is currently dating Chloe Archer. If you need someone to cook you breakfast, you can find Lana Grace in her room, being surprised by her girlfriend on her birthday. #ce0343

If you don't know Juno Hawthorne she probably knows you and has wrote some gritty article about you at some point. Juno runs  the most popular gossip blog in the House of Life and she will not hesitate to tell you more about your life than you knew. Bubbly and sometimes a little creepy, Juno is very similar to Shawn Spencer in her deductive reasoning skills. Juno is a follower of Osirisand is really into shadow manipulation. Like super into it. Juno is single, but there is someone in her future. If you want Juno to take the article about you down, you can find her on the roof with Darius. #ffbf00

God bless Nellie Armon. Nellie is a headstrong, super sarcastic follower of Isis and is currently a defense trainer for Brooklyn house. As a promising young magician, she and two other girls were selected for a mission to retrieve Osiris' crook that was stolen by a follower of Set who went rogue. He went rogue and developed mind control and held Nellie and the two others hostage. Nellie was his favorite, she doesn't know why she assumes it was a ginger fetish or something. She and her girlfriend Adrienne Martinelli survived and beat that ninny up. But while under his control Nellie was forced to kill the third member of the team and now Nellie regrets everything and suffers from PTSD. If you want any magic tips, you can currently find Nellie at Sinai Cemetery, visiting her demons. #ff9933

Wyatt Ortiz is my child. He is a Brazilian native who moved to New York when his mother went to seek help for substance abuse. He came to the House of Life when he was 13 years old as a follower of Khonsu. Wyatt is slick af and is super smooth like wow. He probably has the record at the house for getting to make-out with someone in less then 5 minutes in a casual setting. Wyatt has been dating Leah Howard since they were 16, with a two year pause due to heart problems. He took a pause with the House of Life to go to NYU on a soccer scholarship. He's very good. Wyatt has some abandonment issues from his mother drilling his father leaving into his  head from a young age. Other than that Wyatt is calm and chill and super muffin-y. Wyatt also tends to worry a lot, mainly about his fiancée's health. And now that he learned he has a troublesome brother, he worries about him too. Wyatt is currently nowhere. #99cccc

Marina is the girl genius and youngest Parks child. Since she is the youngest,  she had a lot of room to mess around and to experiment. Honestly Marina is very wild and she could care less about really anything. But unlike her brother she isn't a hot mess. She's hot according to make-out partner Devin Lawless, and to a few other people. If you have seen the music video for Avril Levine's what the hell it's literally Marina. She's crazy. But like a cool crazy and it's like wow Marina you're too cool. Though she does have some down moments, like how she is in college bc she's so smart and is studying to be a doctor. There is a very little chance she is going to be a mentor like her sister, Aliana Parks. Marina likes to move fast, whether that's with people or activities honestly who knows. But she's slow in the coffee house because she loves coffee. Her main academic competition is best friend Malecai Valasco, and she likes his father better. Currently you can find Marina doing pg-13 things with Devin in the training room. #99b163

Natalia, also known as Talia, is not in the Russian mafia. She is, however, incredibly brutal. Talia is an amazing fighter and will literally destroy you. She is very cute, but she doesn't really understand the mannerisms and behaviors of American teenagers. She thinks that they are very immature, and she would rather be in Canada right now. She's very fast on her feet and is extremely witty. Talia is currently dating Aspen Trainer. The Russian has seen a lot, lost a lot. And currently she is searching for the brother she lost all those years ago.#6372b1

Delaney raised her sister Devin right when she got to Brooklyn House. She is a follower of Set, who has desperately been trying to control her chaos magic. Delaney can be seen as a cold person, it's only because she doesn't really like talking, she prefers fighting. With the chaos magic, Delaney's fighting style is rough, and she is relentless and doesn't quite know when to stop fighting. She has some self-confidence issues, I don't really know why yet I'm trying to figure that out. But she is very closed off to most people and is just trying to figure herself out. In the midst of that she managed to start dating Michael Overfield, but she doesn't want anyone to know that. Michael loves her a lot, and she's trying her hardest to deny all feelings, bless. She's honestly just a big muffin. #8974b9

Liam is a snob, but like, a cute snob. Follower of Bastet, Liam is obsessed with theater and likes to write his own plays and is a dork about it. Hell yeah he goes sees shows by himself. Liam can come off as seeming pretentious, and honestly he is just a little bit. The British boy is just a little too closed minded at times, but who could blame him when there are literal nutballs walking around Brooklyn House. He's very confident in himself and it borderlines on arrogance at most times but it's okay he's cute. He identifies as pansexual. Sometimes he makes a connection and then just starts to ignore the person for weeks and acts like you guys didn't do anything together. Honestly he's just a cute and smart asshole. But he is really cute. He also really doesn't like liars and people like...lying. He doesn't know. Liam comes from a big family that is considerably wealthy and has connections and he doesn't appreciate people using him for those connections. #30ba8f

Actual princess Sloan Day is the light of my life. She is small and sweet and is just happy to be included. Sloan is super friendly, and making everyone her friend is her ultimate goal in life. She is also a huge fangirl and lives on binging seasons in days. Like a princess she has princess mannerisms like being gentle and using her polite manners and being kind to everyone. She is especially kind to girlfriend Sylvia Larson, with whom she loves to watch shows and cuddle with. She is very bubbly and crazy and I love her, bye. Sloan is currently no where but she is everywhere in my heart bless America bless bless bless. #ffcccc

What a gem, this one. From a young age, Oliver has loved fairy tales and writing stories. He was always very imaginative and is vre much a momma's boy. When he first got to Brooklyn House, he automatically befriended a group of people. One being Sinbad Estavez, who Oliver only wants the best for but they fight like an old married couple. They are an old married couple. As years went by the two have become more estranged, unfortunately, but he is always there looking out for him. A person from the friend group he has never let go of is Emily Friedman, who turned into his girlfriend. The two are very mushy and cute and he writes stories about her all the time. Oliver is a kind boy and tries to do and see the best  in everyone. But that always wasn't the case. At age sisxteen he los the hopeful good smol persona and turned into quite a dickhead. That's over with now, thank god. #ace1af

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PostSubject: Romans   who lives who dies who tells your story Icon_minitimeFri Nov 27, 2015 8:19 pm

Theodore Bush is the Australian New Rome college student that just can't decide on his major. He is quite the dork and likes to ride his motorcycle because he thinks it's cool. Theodore is in love with Shakespeare and recites sonnets on the daily; his favorite plays are A Midsummer's Night's Dream and King Lear. He is a goofy boy who just tries to please his basic mother/sister/role model Norah Bush. He is also really into romantic gestures, such as calling your presumed girlfriend girlfriend, but his presumed and eventual girlfriend Rosalind Miller didn't like that very much. Theodore goes by the names Theodore, Teddy, Theo, and ted with a lowercase t. He enjoys drinking a lot, frequently with friends Isaac and Freja. If you want to know why your car is dented, Teddy is currently at his job fighting with Roz or at the bar drunk off his butt because of Roz. #87cefa

Lobbying to have a sorority row at New Rome University is daughter of Venus Cam Daily. Cameron has lived in New Rome all her life, thanks to the speedy adoption by the Evans family and instantly became soul sisters and best friends with their daughter Paige Evans who is the same age as Cam. Cameron likes to talk a lot and make friends with every single person she sees on  the streets. She can be seen as loud and eccentric but she's only doing what she things is right god bless her heart. Cam is currently single, but she has been seen flirting with Ryley Deniau. Cam is currently nowhere. #bd33a4

Artist hippie Violet Kay is the nineteen year old daughter of Vulturnus. She’s very chill and would do whatever anyone wants to do as long as she’s having fun too. Violet is literally up for anything, and some could say she’s looking for the thrill. She’s super caring and nice and loves to make up things. She’s really into sculpting. SHES SUPER ARTSY AND LOVES HAWKEYE AND GOD WHAT A MUFFIN. Violet lived in Portland Oregon and her house was converted into an art studio. So she's been surrounded by art her whole life and chose sculpting as her medium. Violet is currently dating actual princess Paige Evans. Violet is currently nowhere. #cf71af

Tiny angel Jemma Carter is a cute lil legacy. Modeling after her favorite babysitter Cain, Jemma wants to be an engineer when she grows up and recently she has been building sharp things non stop. But her mother is very protective of her so it's honestly super surprising that she let her daughter in the legion. In the legion, however, she met her best friend Hero and they hang out a lot. Ryley is Jemma's babysitter when her mother catches Cain partying or something that she suspends him for. So when Ryley is over Jemma invites Hero and they mess with her. Jemma likes to ask a lot of questions. Sometimes she asks too many questions, but her mother says that that’s okay. Jemma is currently nowhere. #d19fe8

Killian Andorra doesn't wear shoes. He believes that shoes constrict his creative flow, honestly it's best not to ask too many questions. The son of Nemesis is graduating New Rome University with a degree in film and graphic arts. He calls himself an artist, I call him someone who just escaped from the looney bin. The French 21 year old likes to make documentaries and short films that you have to watch a couple times to really understand the groundbreaking theme behind it. He's very nutty and hyper and can't sit still for more than a couple seconds. That's probably why there are discarded film projects all over the place. He is on and off again with Mary Sutherland. Killian is currently nowhere. #084577

Kit Parker is the golden boy of Camp Jupiter. President of the student body, national honor society, and national art honor society. He's a very popular kid and is an absolute gem and tries to befriend everyone. He is very goofy and just likes messing around. He loves painting, like really loves painting. At first it was just a hobby but after the past year he has he has used as a distressing and coping mechanism. His best friends were a group called The Unholy Trinity, which consisted of his now best friend and girlfriend. Or will ex-girlfriend that never really became an ex because she walked out on him and he still has extrememly raw feelings for and doesn't know what to do with. But Jaci is his best friend. AndJena could suck his ankle. #8b3a3a

Hudson Davis really likes tea. It's calming, and sometimes he really needs it. The London boy was raised with so many children it was honestly odd that he was the only demigod. A big three demigod, none the less. He is very powerful when he applies himself, and he is too busy making tea to ever apply himself. Hudson is a fast talker and can get himself out of any situation. I feel like the accent helps, what do you think? He is a good planner, but executing the plans is always a harder thing to do. He's not really good at seeing any consequences of his plans, and maybe that's why his girlfriend, Bea will be pregnant. Bea's sister, Hero is nice to Hudson, and he tries his hardest to befriend her. Hudson is a psychologist, meaning that he loves getting into people's heads and diagnosing them. He could have really used his powers of that to get into people's head. God if Hudson ever gets off of his tea addiction y'all are fucked. #999999

Swedish goddess. Honestly she is a goddess don't even talk to me about it. The teenager is a popular spirit, and is incredibly into several things. On the list is Halloween, fields, and engineering. Lorelei has a twin brother, Augustus, but he's in university in Sweden right now to be bothered by her. That's basically how her family works. Lorelei is very eccentric and energetic, while her brother and father are quite introverted. Though her dad does send her longboards in the mail, and Lorelei loves her longboards. She's also into snowboarding and surprisingly she's a good ice skater too. Lorelei was in a serious relationship with Caleb Guardian, her heart and her home. The two were extremely serious and they ended catastrophically. So, now Lorelei is very nervous when it comes to dating again. She has no idea about her feelings for Kara, and when she does realize them she doesn't know if she's ready again. #eea2ad

scarlett basically screams leadership. like her mother, she lives in every way to please the gods and to do what is told of her. she is a natural born leader and if she doesn't see an exit out of a situation she will make one dammit. though this is a problematic thing because she is ruthless in fighting and will sometimes go too far. scarlett is very rational and lives her life thinking about the consequences of everything and anything she does and has calculated an algorithm on how to live her life. when she's not fighting she is a careful girl and refuses to show faults in herself. scarlett has a boy problem, but she doesn't know if it's such a problem or a blessing. all she can say is that she really likes gummies. #ffeb7f



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PostSubject: aztecs   who lives who dies who tells your story Icon_minitimeFri Nov 27, 2015 11:46 pm

You could relate Cora Hansa to a bomb because it is tiny and could explode on you. Cora is a very good fighter and is training to get a leadership position. Despite her height she will fight you, and will try to kill you. If she doesn't kill you  she will try to brutally injure you. She gets very into the fight and that can cause injuries to her, but she doesn't even care. She'll die for Camp Azteca, despite not always following the rules set down by the leaders. She gets in trouble a lot and people insinuate she's the bad influence but you haven't even met her friends. Cora is very cliquey with the girls of Camp Azteca. She's cliquey with Jonah, who is her girlfriend. Cora is currently nowhere. #560319

Sweetheart of Camp Azteca, Flora Lopez is the cutest daughter of Itzpapalotl/ She's just the cutest little baby who refuses to let anyone help her. She's deaf, but she doesn't let that stop her from trying to destroy you in battle. Flora doesn't like to be seen as weak so she over compensates as a warrior which gets her in trouble. Flora is typically seen hanging out with The Azteca girls.  Flora is all cute and giggly but then she shoots things in the face sooo...whoops. Margot Zhang is Flora's financial partner for later in life, since she is aro/ace. Do you understand how much I love Flora. I love Flora, she is gorgeous. Butterflies flock to her, I flock to her. Honestly I love her so much. #f64a8a

Hottie secondary leader of Camp Azteca, Marisol Luna is the daughter of Huitzilopochtli. Marisol will literally beat you up, take your lunch money, and kiss you. ShES LITERALLY THE WOMAN FROM HOLES, YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.Marisol shows no mercy to any of her opponents. This is a huge downfall for her because she doesn’t know when to stop. She speaks whenever she has a thought and can get super aggressive. But she’s also the cool mom. A common theme with my Aztecs is that they are really hardcore. But Marisol is the most hardcore of them all. Marisol is engaged to Gonzalo and they have five kids in the future. It's weird, since they're probably the most scary people in Camp, but Marisol is a good mother to her future children. She's a big mother to the Aztec girls, especially Jonah #00563f


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PostSubject: Re: who lives who dies who tells your story   who lives who dies who tells your story Icon_minitimeFri Dec 11, 2015 11:22 pm

Olivia Long is a princess. No literally, she is the princess of the area surrounding Camp Dynasty. She has a record of stirring up trouble with the elders but for the most part she tries to keep those old hags happy. She is smart and elegant and just tries to balance working hard and being a teenager as she preps to take on the empire one day. People look up to her, which she finds incredibly weird. There was no way she could have ever thought of herself as an idol, and she really doesn't want to be an idol. Olivia isdating Ava, and she is always the reason she can never focus on getting her work done. the elders don't really like that, her mother doesn't either but she keeps that to herself. Her mother and father are everyone's mom and dad in the fact that they are goals. Though the elders don't like him because he's white. The Long women are aces at picking partners the elders don't approve of. #96c8a2

Absolute muffin that is quick to get angry, Briar Tang is a human/terracotta warrior that just wants to live her life. She didn't ask to go on this quest, but of course that's just what life loves throwing at her. Her best friend is Yu and he was the one that had the idea about the quest, blame him. Briar would much rather hide in the background of everything. Just be a nameless face in the flanks of Dynasty's armies. Though now with tarracottas being ousted and in the media, and Briar really doesn't like the new attention. #e6e6fa

meili is the dominant twin, that is plainly obvious. once her brother moved into her small apartment she new that it was her that was making the rules and guiding shun to do the right thing. mei is a photographer and absolutely loves her job and everything she does. she is quiet and careful, and tries hard to not make a stir of anything. she was never a big fan of violence, unlike her brother, and she is very faint when it comes to the sight of blood. she just needs a big hug. #cd5b45

shun is the cooler twin, that is plainly obvious. he doesn't have to work in the morning and his job literally starts five minutes before he wakes up, it's amazing. shun is a lazy, dirty, smol who gets by because he has freckles and ladies find in irresistible. though a big crutch on his life is that he is not self sufficient and has a hard time adjusting to life on his own, which is why he rooms with his sister. shun is currently flirting with jai, and he thinks she's pretty cool.#008b8b

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PostSubject: norse   who lives who dies who tells your story Icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2016 3:45 pm

Text here.

Text here.

Text here.

Text here.

Text here.
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PostSubject: Re: who lives who dies who tells your story   who lives who dies who tells your story Icon_minitime

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who lives who dies who tells your story
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