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 Lei's House

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PostSubject: Lei's House   Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:24 pm

"是, 据我所知." Lei looked over his shoulder at one of his roommates who had said something about practicing at the dojo later on in the afternoon. Of course he would go, but right now it was only 13:27. The seventeen year old Chinese demigod made his way up the stairs of his home and to the roof. Lei, along with other males lived there. One was a son of Lei Gong, the god of thunder and the other was a son of Yu Shi, the god of rain. They were able to pick a house that had an open floor space along with an accessible roof. That's where Lei was headed now. Still dressed in his white sweatpants, light blue sweatshirt, and white socks.

Once he was up there, the son of Fei Lian found himself a black lawn chair and sat down it in it. With a sigh of relief, Lei took a light sip of his green tea.

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Lei's House
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