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 Brett/Carmen Date (private)

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PostSubject: Brett/Carmen Date (private)   Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:08 pm

Brett was just at a meeting with the Primary and Secondary about updates at camp and ideas, as well as the god of wisdom giving some thoughts about problems. Luckly he always he was he was doing, and Brett appreciated the god of wisdom's help. He took a shower, after wearing a dress shirt, dress coat, tie, and dress pants and dress shoes. Brett had a date with Carmen after the finally made up a few weeks ago. They started to get along a lot better as boyfriend and girlfriend and they kind of kept each others flaws out of control. Brett put on some admittedly expensive deo and cologne and his red Camp Azteca t-shirt and jeans. He gelled his hair back with some new Axe gel stuff. He was a bit nervous, he didn't know how to tell Carmen that his father requested to meet her. Rather, demanded. Brett had gotten seven letters now from his dad, each one angrier and more demanding than the last, and hadn't responded to any of them.

He saw her at the local Italian restaruaunt. He went over to her, smiling. "Hey!" he greeted. He started to kiss her. After a few thousand seconds, he decided to break the news. "Um, I have to tell you something. My dad...he wants to meet you."

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Brett/Carmen Date (private)
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