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Let the children of different gods all unite! We are one, and we are related! Credit to Peggy Carter for the site banner and icons!
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Peggy Carter
Peggy Carter

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PostSubject: odie   odie Icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2016 8:21 pm

Odette Hoffmann
Full name: Odette “Odie” Hoffmann
Gender: Female
Species (human, elf, etc.): human demigod
Age/Birthday: 16. June 23rd, 1998
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusets, USA
Sexuality: bisexual

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Body type: Lean
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 130lbs
Typical clothing (optional): something her mother approves of
Skin color/race: pale / caucasian

Parents: Sandra and Lennon Hoffman (on her birth certificate) but really Sandra Hoffman and Thor.
How they met: It was a stormy night and Sandra was temporarily separated from Lennon. Thor thought she was pretty, so they spent the night together (wink).

Personality (at least three lines):
  • introverted. Prefers to be alone or with close friends
  • flexible. I mean to a fault. She’s got no backbone.
  • good listener. After all thats what she was taught to do
  • studious. She spends a lot of time studying
  • worrier. She often worries about what other people think.
  • kind. She’s always there to offer a sweet smile and nice words
  • patient. She’s okay with waiting.

Flaws (at least 4):
  • non confrontational. She just goes along with stuff she doesn’t wanna fight
  • can snap: sometimes she gets fed up with people yelling at her so she snaps and nothing good can come from that
  • worrier (see above)
  • doesn’t like change

Pets (optional): none
Weapon (optional): bow and arrows

Powers: Shock people. Can range from little static electricity shocks to stuff that hurts. She can also create a thunderstorm, but she’s only done that once in her life.
Abilities: 10% stronger in thunder/lightning storms. Can’t be electrocuted.

Which world do they live in? (they can travel): midgard
History (at least five sentences): Odie was born into a very fortunate family. Her “father” is the CFO of a big company, and Odie got to grow up in a big house complete with a pool and tennis courts. Her mother was very controlling of her. She didn’t want anything to seem out of place with her daughter. She paraded Odie through country club meets and dinner parties. But it was clear, she could not speak until spoken to. When Odie was 12 her mother told her the truth, and signed her up for training with an old elf. Her mom told her husband that Odie was going to therapy when she was going to learn magic. At school shes on the track team as well as national honors society and art club.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): no
Notes: fc is elle fanning
played by alias

"sometimes life just slips in through the backdoor, and carves out a person and makes you believe its all true"

sara bareilles

adrienne martinelli- anubis
aliana parks- hathor
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hero grantham- vertumnus
jena zaman- pax
kara peña - legacy of cupid and mercury
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roz miller- mars
sage weber- pomona
sammy koenig - legacy of latona and summanus

alexa vendez- legacy of mixcoatl and xochiquetzal
maggie hernandez- tlacloc / middles tribe leader
margot zhang- tepeyollotl

ava huang- lu-pan
xia wang- i-ti

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PostSubject: Re: odie   odie Icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2016 8:24 pm


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