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Let the children of different gods all unite! We are one, and we are related! Credit to Peggy Carter for the site banner and icons!
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//cause i lie like i’m lying on a rug
get my hands a lil dirty, no gloves
everybody welcome to the gun show
and it go (bang, bang)
everybody duck down!

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Full name: Xavier Dierre Hart
Gender: Cis male
Age/Birthday: 23/ 6 May 1993
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Sexuality: Questioning

Eyes: Chocolate brown
Hair: Light brown, almost reddish
Body type: Toned
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 188 lbs
Typical clothing (optional): Casual, flashy only when going out. Sneakers and jackets.
Skin color/race: Butterscotch/African-American

Follower of: Bast, goddess of cats and protector of women
Father: Dwight Rodney Hart
Mother: Vanessa Elizabeth Hart

Personality (at least three lines): Xavier is very kind, sweet, and compassionate, but if he wants something he will get it. He won't stop until he gets what he thinks he deserves. Some people call this selfish, and others find his determination inspiring. His friendliness cannot be mistaken for weakness by any means: he protects what he loves and will defend it with his life. Otherwise, he's sweet and cuddly.
Flaws (at least 4): Passive, sneaky, secretive, deceptive
Pets (optional): Mostly black Egyptian Mau named Patrick. Patrick.
Weapon (optional): Magician's staff

Magic they know: Protective spells, some medical magic, some sau stuff

Time in the House of Life: 6 years
History (at least eight sentences): Xavier was raised by two relatively normal parents who knew nothing of magic in the lower-middle class area of New York City. He did well in school, typically at the top of all of his classes. He discovered the House of Life and therefore magic when he was a junior in high school when he witnessed a student performing magic after school. Being the little scientist he is, Xavier followed the student to see if what he witnessed was just a trick of the eye. Instead, he found the Brooklyn Mansion. He enrolled there out of curiosity and discovered that he was a magician. Xavier finished high school and went on to college, where he is still since he is going through med school. He manages to find time for both magic, college, and work. He carries the blood of pharaohs, but isn't sure which pharaoh it is and still has to do research.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): naaaaah bruh
Notes: fc//jussie smollett
- family issues
- has two brothers!

//Yu|ZhànshìKevin|Fortune TellerJia|Wenchang Wang//
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