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 Ruth Palmer

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PostSubject: Ruth Palmer   Ruth Palmer Icon_minitimeSun Aug 16, 2015 1:40 am

Ruth Palmer Tumblr_nchymz0fuM1sfr24qo2_250Ruth Palmer Tumblr_nchymz0fuM1sfr24qo3_250
Full name: Ruth Palmer
Gender: female
Age/Birthday: 20. June 25th

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown
Body type: Lean
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 120lbs
Typical clothing (optional):
Skin color/race: fair/tan. caucasion

Follower of: Isis. Not the bad isis, jesus.
Father: Lewis Palmer. One word. Boring. Accountant.
Mother: Samantha Palmer. She’s basically your suburban mom. Pretends that things are normal when they certainly aren’t. Real estate.

Personality (at least three lines): She’s talented at what she does. Which is, magic. She knows this. She has a lot of self confidence, and she’s a little on the blunt side. She carries herself with purpose and a little bit of dignity, although sometimes that gets lost along the way. She knows her own value, and she’s not going to humble herself. That being said, she doesn’t put herself above others. She comes off a little strong, and people can be annoyed by the amount of confidence that she does portray. She’s okay with not knowing things, if it isn’t necessary. Her self control isn’t the best though, and she puts herself in situations that she thinks she can handle, although sometimes she misjudges. Her pride can get in the way of asking for help, leaving her in the dust. When it comes to others, it really depends on the attention and that she gives them. She is much more likely to care about people she knows better, and she’s rather apathetic to people she’s not close with.
Pets (optional): none
Weapon (optional): Staff, magicians box, shabti in the form of a monkey.

Magic they know:
Wounds- She can heal most abrasions, but it takes more energy for the size of it. For example, it takes very little energy to heal a cut that is only skin deep. It takes a lot of energy to heal a cut that goes past the skin. If she see’s bone, well, thats gonna take most of her energy.
Contagion- She knows a spell that can make any viral illness non contagious. 4 times a day.
Sterilize- She can easily rid any surface of bacteria. Its a silly spell, but it comes in handy. 10 times a day
Broken Bones- She can accelerate a broken bone’s healing by 30-45% She can do this once a day for large bones such as the femur, fibula, tibia and humerus. Three times a day for bones like the radius and ulna, and pelvis. Eight times a day for ribs and collarbones. 15 times a day for bones in the finger.
No scars- she can completely reduce the chances of a scar forming, no matter the size of the wound. Although amputations are a whole other story. She can’t do amputations. 6 times a day.
X ray- she can tell what bones are broken or fractured. 9 whole body scans a day.
She’s constantly picking up new spells to try out. Although they don’t always work.
ha-wi- strike. Its the only offensive spell that she could actually learn. It throws the target back like something hit it. 6 times a day.

Time in the House of Life: 8 years
History (at least ten sentences): Ruth grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. She lived in the most suburban white neighborhood, where almost everything looked the same. She played in the street with all the other kids. She always loved playing doctor, that was kind of her thing. Not nurse. Doctor. Her life amongst the perfectly trimmed grass and neighborhood gossip was cut rather short. The magicians from the house of life found her when she was 12, taking them with her to train. She trained with them for a short while, before moving onto the newly opened Brooklyn house. There she attended the school with all the other magicians. She found it weird, because the people at the Brooklyn house were more of a family than her own parents. She found a sense of belonging there that was absent in her life back home. She graduated from high school two years ago and has decided to become a healer and teacher for the magicians at Brooklyn house. She is head of the infirmary.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): NO.

adrienne martinelli- anubis
aliana parks- hathor
chloe archer- wadjet
devin lawless- set
emily friedman- serket
leah howard- hathor
ruth palmer- isis
sylvie larson- anat

bea grantham- vertumnus
freja eklund- jupiter
hero grantham- vertumnus
jena zaman- pax
kara peña - legacy of cupid and mercury
paige evans- legacy of veritas and venus
roz miller- mars
sage weber- pomona
sammy koenig - legacy of latona and summanus

alexa vendez- legacy of mixcoatl and xochiquetzal
maggie hernandez- tlacloc / middles tribe leader
margot zhang- tepeyollotl

ava huang- lu-pan
xia wang- i-ti

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Ruth Palmer
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