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 Chloe Archer

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Peggy Carter
Peggy Carter

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PostSubject: Chloe Archer   Sun Aug 02, 2015 11:46 am

Full name: Chloe Archer
Gender: female
Sexuality: Gay, totally gay
Age/Birthday: 17. January 23rd.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Long and blonde
Body type: Ectomorph
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 135lbs
Typical clothing (optional): idk man.
Skin color/race: pale, caucasion

Follower of: Wadjet, goddess of protection
Father: Harrison Archer
Mother: Phoebe Archer (nee Hammond)

Personality (at least three lines): Chloe is very closed off and keeps her feelings under wraps. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have feelings, she does. In fact, she cares very deeply. In place of her emotions she sometimes has snark, other times it’s just pure rationality. Its actually fairly easy for her to open up to people she cares about, which can surprise some.
Pets (optional): none
Weapon (optional): none. she’s strictly defensive.

Magic they know:
Mostly protective spells. Here are some:
Deterrents- Chloe can place a spell over a household or person that drives away unwanted people or monsters. 5 per day.
Invisibility- Chloe can turn herself or someone else invisible. 5 per day. She can also turn a whole establishment invisible. 1 per week.
Dream ward- Chloe can create charms that keep the wearer from having nightmares. 2 per day.
Shield- Chloe can create an invisible force field around herself or someone else that is bullet proof. It can be brought down with strongish magic though. 3 per day.

Time in the House of Life: 3 years
History (at least ten sentences): Chloe was born in Vancouver, Canada. Her life was fairly normal. She was homeschooled by her mom. She fought with her parents a lot, mainly because they were very restrictive. They wouldn’t let her go to her friends houses, or have fun. She wasn’t even allowed to eat candy. Due to this she has a hard time socializing with others, mainly because she didn’t really know other people. When she was 14, someone from the house of life managed to find her. Her parents didn’t want her to go but she defied their orders and went anyway. That was her first act of rebellion against them and she has no regrets.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): no.
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Chloe Archer
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