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 Joshua Roydon IV

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Joshua Roydon IV NOTANIMEhotguysandyblondelightgreeneyesperfectLogan-1

Full name: Joshua Roydon IV - the fourth in his generation, his family's been naming their kids and grandkids Joshua. Josh's mother wanted to name her son something different, but a lot of pressure was put on her by her parents, and she was forced to sign the registration for his name: Joshua Roydon the Fourth.
Gender: Masculine - Heterosexual
Age/Birthday: November 12th, 1996 - Josh is currently 19

Eyes: Bright green eyes - Inherited from his mother
Hair: Fair blond, medium length, runs down his nape
Body type: Slim but yet a bit muscular
Height: 5'7" (approximately 170 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs
Typical clothing: Occasionally, he wears the classic purple Camp Jupiter t-shirt, with long jeans, Reebok shoes, and an ACDC coat in the event of a cold climate.
Skin color/race: Pale white - Caucasian

God Parent: Letus - the god of Death
Mortal Parent: Ann Roydon - deceased - Josh's lovely mother. She is a rather sweet and kind person, and she loves peacefulness (quite the opposite to Thanatos). She loved Josh. She was killed in a car accident when Josh was 16.
How they met:
The story predated back to 1994, the day Ann Roydon and the god of Death Thanatos met.
- Letus wandered Manhattan, doing his business, waiting for somebody to fall onto the brink of death, so that he could claim their soul. He took a sip of his coffee, right when a strange woman with blond hair, green eyes sat opposite him. He said "hi" to her, and she simply whispered in a quieter tone "hi". The woman opened a book to read, while ordering a cup of sugar free decaf. Letus started flirting her.
- Ann just got out of college. And this 22 year old was looking for a job. She sat opposite Letus (unknown to her at the time), when Letus flirted and earned her impression and she dropped the book, and a chatter between the both of them started. They discovered that they were quite common in many aspects, except their personalities. Letus invited her to dinner, and she gladly said "Sure".

- The two of them grew even more fond toward one another, and they started dating. Letus often invited her out onto a romantic dinner.

- His mother was pregnant in 1996. Letus was, in a way, delighted of this news. They waited for 9 months and 10 days, until Josh was bornt on November 12th, 1996. Letus soon left in four days, bound by the Ancient Rules of the Gods.

Personality: Josh is a cautious person, and he always look behind his back (most of the time anyway). He is brave, in most situations. He is a sophisticated planner, always plan ahead everything. He is not good at making friends, and is usually hesitant, often hanging up a person to person conversation and turn it into a thirty minute-long-awkward-silence. He doesn't communicate with others a lot, and is usually the background eavesdropper (Yes, I stole this from our conversation, Green and Daddy). He would be a good ally if you ever need one.
Pets: None
Weapon: A short pugio, or more commonly known as dagger. He found this weapon in the Armory, and it suits him well the moment he picked it up.

Necromancy: However, he only has access to a bit of Letus's Necromancy powers. He could summon up a single legionnaire to fight for him, or use as his shield against an almighty enemy. Sometimes, if he finds someone who successfully escaped to the normal world, he could claim their soul and the escapee would be frozen in place until Letus arrives. Limit: he could use his Necromancy Summon once per post, lasts for three posts, with a five posts cooldown. Soul Claim would work once per post, lasts for three posts, with a five posts cooldown.
Abilities: Being the son of the god of Death gives him the ability to feel when someone's soul leaves their body (E.G: someone is killed or passes away, he can sense it.) but only in the range of 5 km max.

Time in camp/the legion/the House of Life: Six years at Camp Jupiter, and four years in the legion. He trained at the Wolf House for at least one year and a half, and he returned to Camp when he was 15.
ACT I (1-13):
- He was bornt on November 12th, 1996, to his mom Ann Roydon, a member of a long family line, but started to change their sons' names to Josh for four generations straight. His mother wanted to name him something new, like Mike, or Tyrone at least, but she was pressured by her parents to name him Joshua.
- He lived a normal life of a normal kid, carefully disguised so that hardly any monster could recognize him. His mother was a sophisticated planner (a trait he would inherit from her), so she did everything in her best: get him to study in private schools, marrying a filthy lazy obese gambler-addicted husband. No incidents so far happened during his years 1-13, except for one time when he touched a kid and the kid falls to the floor, dead. (This turns out to be an incidental use of the Soul Claiming, and the kid was in fact an escaped soul, whom faked a new identity to hide from Letus)

ACT II (13-15)
- When he was 13 years old, his scent started to grew much more powerful. Monsters started to get attracted to his home, and he was almost killed when he saw what he thought was a random innocent cat, pounced at him, until the Mist cleared and he saw something like a lion. They wrestled around, whilst Josh constantly blocked its claws. When they rolled onto the road, he saw an incoming car, and he lowered himself, while the gryphon was killed immediately by the force of the car.
- The moment his mother heard of this, she took him immediately to Camp Jupiter. He was instructed to travel alone to the Wolf House for training, and it took him five days, with sophisticated instructions from his mother, but he made it. He avoided a monster when it stalked behind him and he escaped on the bus.
- Lupa took him in and started his training. He was unparelleled at sparring, but rather terrible at archery, martial arts and other combat skills.
- When he was 15, his training finished and Lupa dismissed him, and he returned back to Camp Jupiter, a little longer than his first trek.

ACT III (16-19)
- When he made it back, he was welcomed and joined the legion after two years of training.
- A year later, he received the news in Camp that his mother was killed in a car accident. He was distraught of this and temporarily left Camp for a month, to attend her funeral and get over the news, before he returned.
- He became fit for service again after mourning over his mom, but he got over it quickly.

RP Sample: (You guys said it wasn't necessary in my second form)
Notes: Face claim: Honestly I don't know either since the last one

Click this to boost the Enterprise into Warp to get to my RP invite

Joshua Roydon IV Tumblr_inline_mqrpw8EYdj1qz4rgp

Cleric Mercurio - Legacy of Vulcan and Mercury - Second Cohort
Joshua "Josh" Roydon - Letus - Unknown Cohort (Someone put him in one T-T)

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Joshua Roydon IV
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