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 Aspen Trainer

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PostSubject: Aspen Trainer   Aspen Trainer Icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2015 8:52 pm

you're writing lines about me;
romantic poetry
your girl's got red in her cheeks,
'cause we're something she can't see

Aspen Trainer Tumblr_ni4komJTbG1u1mdvvo7_r1_250
Aspen Trainer Tumblr_ni4komJTbG1u1mdvvo6_r1_250
Aspen Trainer Tumblr_ni4komJTbG1u1mdvvo5_r1_250

Full name: Aspen Vanessa Trainer
Gender: Genderqueer female
Age/Birthday: 17/ 14 March 1998
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California
Sexuality: Bisexual, homoromantic

Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Dark brown; either short or in long twists
Body type: Small, slightly muscular
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Typical clothing (optional): tank tops, jackets, those broad-brimmed hats Wyatt probably wears, Timberland's or combat boots, distressed jeans, joggers, lots of long necklaces, lots of those thick wooden bracelets, very afropunk
Skin color/race: Gold-caramel/ African-American and Scottish-American

Follower of: Isis, goddess of magic
Father: Iain Trainer, non-magician
Mother: Nevaeh Trainer, magician and descendant of Queen Sobekneferu

Personality (at least three lines): Aspen is a sweetheart, though isn't afraid to speak her mind is something is wrong. She has a resting pouty face but doesn't get sad often. She is very giving and loves being an inspiration to everyone around her. Aspen will fight you if she needs to, but prefers hugging.
Flaws (at least 4): Talkative, intrusive, easily offended, promotes Juno's blog
Pets (optional): Nah
Weapon (optional): A khopesh for decapitating

Magic they know:
Animal Charming- Which is why she doesn't have a pet. Right now, only various doves come to her. But who can complain?
Combat- Aspen's combat magic isn't half bad. She had made skills when it comes to butt kicking.

Time in the House of Life: Twp years
History (at least eight sentences): Aspen was a decent kid, got decent grades, performed decently in sports. No one could complain about her because almost everyone loved her. She worked with the school's newspaper and liked to call out their principal's misdeeds until he finally quit, then moved on to talking about injustice in the world and stuff. One day, late at night, she asked her mother what she could do to change the world. He mother sighed and told her that there was a place that she could learn magic and do just that called the House of Life. Aspen asked if she could go, but her mother said that it was too dangerous and too far away. So Aspen ran away like the rebellious bean she is and called her mom when she arrived in New York. Her family was pissed, and they had to make up a lie to her normal father, but eventually everything was okay. Now she listens to loud music in big headphones and skateboards around New York with a big hobo bag.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): leaVE ME ALONE
- Cute
-fc//Kiersey Clemons

//Yu|ZhànshìKevin|Fortune TellerJia|Wenchang Wang//

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Aspen Trainer
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