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 Sinbad Estávez

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PostSubject: Sinbad Estávez   Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:30 pm

I'm searching for something
That I can't reach...

Full name: Sinbad Julian Estávez, but everyone calls him Sinny. If you separate is first name into two, you'll basically have his personality.
Gender: Cis Male
Sexuality: Bisexual, biromantic
Age/Birthday: 18/7 July

Eyes: Dark brown, but very hyper
Hair: Dark brown; used to be curlier when he was a kid but stress straightened it.
Body type: Lean with some muscle. Like a swimmer.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 lbs
Typical clothing (optional): Lots of black. Black skinny jeans, black leather jackets, black shirts. Black shoes. He's a problem child.
Skin color/race: Tan and freckled/Brazillian-El Salvadorian

Follower of: Set, the god of chaos, sand, and evil
Father: Sinbad doesn't know his dad. He was adopted as a baby, and though he'd searched and searched he could never find this guy.
Mother: Kira Ortiz...That's all he knows. He has a picture of her he found online, but that's really it.

Personality (at least three lines): Sinbad was never a happy kid. He's just this ball of teen angst and anxiety, and honestly he just wants everyone to leave him alone. He hates the House of Life, he hates his lessons, and he especially hates his instructors. Inside, Sinny's just very sad and confused. He's lost and angry, and in desperate need of a hug.
Pets (optional): nah man
Weapon (optional): For some reason, Sinbad seeks comfort in a bow and a set of arrows. He commonly uses his wand.

Magic they know: Psammokinesis and Chaos magic (mainly mental hallucinations, destroying objects, etc.)
Chaos Magic:
Time in the House of Life: Five years
History (at least ten sentences): There's a lot of background information, so I'l keep it brief. But we will start with tiny six year old Wyatt Ortiz not knowing that anything was going on when his mother, Kira, had a baby and was forced to put him up for adoption when she couldn't care for two children. So there Sinbad was, a tiny nameless baby in an adoption center in Brazil. He was taken in and at first given the name Julian because Madagascar is a bomb ass movie. He was adopted at the age of three by a family originally from El Salvador. They were the Estávez's and pretty much the greatest family in the world...until they weren't. They had a bunch of kids after they found out that they could (long story) and when his adoptive parents lost their jobs, Sinbad had to go into foster care. By that time, he was - surprise! - six. At this point he was starting to feel a pattern. Why didn't his family love him? Either of them?
By thirteen, he had been in several foster homes that didn't want to keep him because he was too bad. He was a mean kid, lying to people, stealing from them, getting kicked out of school annually. He had just pulled off his biggest stunt - running away from a foster home - when he picked up an amulet off the sidewalk that led him to the Brooklyn House, where he was taken into the House of Life as a follower of Set. He began searching for his real family on his seventeenth birthday, but has only managed to find out his mother's name, Kira Ortiz. He printed off an internet picture and carries it around in his back pocket.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): nah
-Does the e-cigs
-Is not nice
-Is in love with Leah Howard

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Sinbad Estávez
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