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 Zhou Yu

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Zhou Yu Tumblr_mxnnc4y2Mb1ste9ipo1_500

Full name: Yu Zhou, though he usually only goes by his first name (Yu) at home. At camp, those who have an issue pronouncing "Yu" (you know who you are, you Sketcher-wearing motherf*cker) typically call him "Lewis".
Gender: Cis male
Age/Birthday: 16/ 14 May 1999

Eyes: dark brown
Hair: very deep black
Body type: average-fit
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 156 lbs
Typical clothing (optional): Hoodies. Lots of hoodies. Graphic t-shirts. Jeans.
Skin color/race: Darker tan/Chinese

Mother: Lana Zhou, a past tech in NASA; recently retired Zhànshì
Father: Hai Zhou, a son of Fu Shen; fallen in battle (deceased)
Children (if any): do not give him kids

Zhou Yu Tumblr_n11uv0Ha9x1sj5wyho1_500

Personality (at least three lines): In short, Yu is a people-person that reacts first and thinks about the consequences later. He likes talking to people and making very lame jokes/bad puns, but lacks the seriousness when it comes to others' emotions. Yu can be very loud (especially when he laughs) and playful at all the wrong times. He isn't very sensitive when it comes to people's feelings and cannot handle tears well, but can be sensitive himself. He just covers it with even worse puns. Don't be fooled, however. Yu is a very passionate warrior despite all of this.
Pets (optional): nope
Weapon (optional): Twin jade daggers that he uses to "poke" fun at people. (ba dum tss)

Time in camp as a Zhànshì: One year
History (at least ten sentences): Since he was born, his parents constantly trained Yu to be a Zhànshì. He was brought up with his father showing him showing him how to train like a demigod warrior would, and his mother showing him that he didn't need powers to kick ass. His sense of humor came from his father, while his insensitivity came from his mother. Seriously, his mother broke his arm once in training and told him to walk it off, while his father laughed at him. Unfortunately, Yu was only ten years old when he lost his father to (insert war here) when he was taken as a prisoner and assumed dead. His mother became even more distant, and Yu did the same in a way by telling way more jokes in memory of him. He became a Zhànshì at 15 to carry on his mother's legacy and avenge his father.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): shut up
☆ ADHD! Very very ADHD.
☆ Rides a Razor scooter around camp

Zhou Yu Tumblr_mtoupfoDyl1s9wsllo1_400

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Zhou Yu
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