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 Wang Xia

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PostSubject: Wang Xia   Wang Xia Icon_minitimeTue Nov 24, 2015 8:47 pm

Wang Xia Tumblr_nv7gvyVMWc1uripn3o4_500
Full name: Xia Wang (nee Wu) 王 夏 her first name is pronounced Shah.
Gender: female
Age/Birthday: 26. March 17, 1989

Eyes: dark brown/black
Hair: black
Body type: lean/muscular.
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 115lbs
Typical clothing (optional): lots of denim, leather and plaid
Skin color/race: olive / chinese

God Parent: I-Ti. God of wine making.
Mortal Parent: Li Wu (or Wu Li). She’s a sales associate for some company in Oregon.
How they met: Li met I-Ti on a vineyard in Napa, California. That’s literally it.

Personality (at least three lines): Xia is a take no shit kinda gal. She likes to keep busy, and seems quiet to some, but then she starts talking and you take it all back. She just gets in the zone and doesn’t communicate for a couple hours it’s cool. She’s quick to anger and is very outspoken when necessary. She does have a gentler side to her but that’s only for her good friends to see.
Pets (optional): none
Weapon (optional): she has a jian that she used to use all the time, now it just hangs on the wall in her shop.  

Powers: none
Abilities: none

Time in camp/the legion/the House of Life: 12 years
History (at least ten sentences): Xia was born in Salem, Oregon to Li Wu. She had a relatively normal childhood, until her mom dropped her off at this weird ass camp for chinese demigods. It took Xia a while to adapt to their rigorous schedule and high standards. She didn’t really have the discipline. What she was good at was fixing things, and making things. She took over from the old mechanic when he retired and now she spends most of her days running Wang’s Mechanics. When she’s not doing that she’s holed up in the back tinkering with something. She’s a bit of an engineer. She married Kevin Wang 3 years ago. They’re very happy together.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): no

adrienne martinelli- anubis
aliana parks- hathor
chloe archer- wadjet
devin lawless- set
emily friedman- serket
leah howard- hathor
ruth palmer- isis
sylvie larson- anat

bea grantham- vertumnus
freja eklund- jupiter
hero grantham- vertumnus
jena zaman- pax
kara peña - legacy of cupid and mercury
paige evans- legacy of veritas and venus
roz miller- mars
sage weber- pomona
sammy koenig - legacy of latona and summanus

alexa vendez- legacy of mixcoatl and xochiquetzal
maggie hernandez- tlacloc / middles tribe leader
margot zhang- tepeyollotl

ava huang- lu-pan
xia wang- i-ti

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Wang Xia
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