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 Huang Ava

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PostSubject: Huang Ava   Huang Ava Icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2015 6:18 pm

Huang Ava Tumblr_ns7swcbay01t0xzcto2_500

Full name: Ava Huang
Gender: female
Age/Birthday: 17. March 2nd.

Eyes: dark brown
Hair: dark brown. she’s got great hair.
Body type: slim, she doesn’t have much muscle on her
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 115
Typical clothing (optional): lots of bright colors. she’s always very fashionable
Skin color/race: Tan, she’s chinese.

God Parent: Lu-Pan god of artistic abilities and fame
Mortal Parent: Vivian Huang
How they met: Vivian owns an art gallery in San francisco and Lu-Pan was admiring her art.

Personality (at least three lines): Ava is full of sunshine. She loves smiling and spreading cheer around the world. She absolutely loves painting, usually water colors. She also puts a high priority in looking good. Not for anyones benefit of her own, of course. People seem to mistake Ava to be foolish, but she’s got brains. Enough brains to know when someone's manipulating her, or trying to trick her.
Flaws: can be annoyingly preppy, gets off track easily, doesn’t follow rules easily, flight over fight
Pets (optional): none
Weapon (optional): She has blades in her paintbrushes. If you pull the bristle section off you’ve got a nice little knife to stab someone with. She also has a sword for special occasions.

Powers: none.
Abilities: Tetrachromacy. being the daughter of a god of artistic ability, she has been given a condition called tetrachromacy. While most humans have 3 cones in their eyes to detect color, people with tetrachromacy have 4, letting them see extra colors.

Time in camp/the legion/the House of Life: 5 years.
History (at least ten sentences): Ava was born in San Francisco, California to Vivian Huang. Vivian ran an art gallery downtown. (a very accomplished one, might i add.) From an early age Ava was around art, and she loved it. She was a natural at it, and went through art supplies like king henry the 8th went through wives. When she was 10, she settled on water colors and ink, although she also loves oil painting. When she was 12, she found a glowing orb outside her bedroom window. After dragging her mother along with her, they made it to camp dynasty. However, Vivian didn’t stay for long, as there was an art gallery to run back home. Ava transitioned well to life without her mother, and found herself to be quite independent.  
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): you wish

adrienne martinelli- anubis
aliana parks- hathor
chloe archer- wadjet
devin lawless- set
emily friedman- serket
leah howard- hathor
ruth palmer- isis
sylvie larson- anat

bea grantham- vertumnus
freja eklund- jupiter
hero grantham- vertumnus
jena zaman- pax
kara peña - legacy of cupid and mercury
paige evans- legacy of veritas and venus
roz miller- mars
sage weber- pomona
sammy koenig - legacy of latona and summanus

alexa vendez- legacy of mixcoatl and xochiquetzal
maggie hernandez- tlacloc / middles tribe leader
margot zhang- tepeyollotl

ava huang- lu-pan
xia wang- i-ti

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Huang Ava
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