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 Graham Jacobs

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PostSubject: Graham Jacobs   Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:23 pm

//He said it was somethin' so appealing
He couldn't fight the feelin'
Somethin' about it
He knew he couldn't doubt it
Couldn't understand it
Brand it, since his first kickflip he land it

Full name: Graham Theodore Jacobs, a name given to him by his parents at adoption. Since he was put up for adoption at birth, no other name is known prior to this one. Graham loves his name and thinks that it really fits his personality. He's commonly called "Gizmo".
Gender: Cis Male
Age/Birthday: 18/ 18 November 1998
Place of birth: Gizmo was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, but his family moved to New Jersey after learning of his magician lineage.
Sexuality: Bisexual, panromantic

Eyes: Medium brown, like not dark-dark or light, right in the middle
Hair: Literally almost as amazing as mine. Caramel brown, but gets darker at the roots. The very ends are blonde.
Body type: Gizmo just barely has a mesomorph body type, giving him a naturally fit body. If it weren’t for the fact that he can gain and lose weight easily then he would be more endomorph.
Height: Gizmo is 5 feet and 7 inches. As far as he knows, he is done growing.
Weight: 64 kg/142 lbs
Typical clothing (optional): Somewhere between rocker, skater, and stoner. He has small gauges in each ear and a falcon tattoo on his right booby.
Skin color/race: The color of turmeric/Gizmo is African race-wise, since his father was black and native to Britain while his grandfather migrated directly from Kenya in East Africa. Regarding ethnicity, Gizmo would be...British-American?

Follower of: Khonsu, god of the moon and time
Father: His true father is a man named Emile Hathaway, who was said to mysteriously disappear after a year after Gizmo’s birth. His adoptive father is Ryan Jacobs, a pediatrician.
Mother: Gizmo’s birth mother, Katherine Hathaway, died suddenly three months after Gizmo was born. His adoptive mother is Olivia Jacobs, and she works as a therapist.

Personality (at least three lines): Gizmo is a very passionate and sincere person, meaning that he’ll tell you exactly how he feels no matter what the timing is. He seriously doesn’t cover up anything and is as transparent as glass. Aside from this, Gizmo is very loyal from the start whether he’s friends with someone or not. He works best with large crowds and finds small ones uncomfortable and pressuring. Gizmo also likes to laugh a lot, so it isn’t unusual to hear him telling jokes or laughing loudly at one he received. Some people find him annoying, but others say that he gives the best hugs. Well, after Aspen of course.
Flaws (at least 4): Cannot keep secrets, trusts everyone, gullible, doesn’t hold back, impulsive
Pets (optional): N/A
Weapon (optional): Mostly his staff, like, he’s like a ninja with that thing

Magic they know: Healing, acute hydrokinesis, some protection magic, decent knowledge of amulet making and usage, transfiguration (a falcon)

Time in the House of Life: 5 years
History (at least eight sentences): Gizmo knew he was adopted since he was eight year old, but never knew the reason why he was. Both of his birth parents were magicians trained by the First Nome, but had broken an ancient rule and were sentenced to death. They were on the run for years, but things grew more difficult when Katherine became pregnant with Gizmo (his original name is unknown). They found a safe place to reside in England, birthing the baby and keeping a low profile. However, when Katherine “suddenly” died three months later, Emile took this as a sign an escaped with his baby. A year passed and Gizmo was left nameless outside of an adoption shelter and Emile was gone without a trace.
Gizmo was adopted by the time he was two by Olivia and Ryan Jacobs, and raised him all lovingly and cute. He always had a lot of friends in school, got decent grades, and planned to finish middle school and go to high school when he found an amulet in his locker. He grabbed his skateboard and headed home to show his parents. However, as soon as he pulled it from his pocket all hell broke loose. His door was kicked down by angry First Nome magicians set to execute the last of the Hathaway bloodline to prevent the spell from ever coming to effect. During the chaos, Gizmo and his family learned that he carried the blood of the pharaohs and, once he spoke his first spell (one that tied up the evil magicians), his family booked a flight and headed far away to find Gizmo safety. They did some research on what was going on and decided that the safest place for him to stay was the Brooklyn Mansion. So they dropped him off there, enrolled him in school, and now Olivia and Ryan live in a loft in the Upper East Side. Gizmo lives quietly in BHouse, not drawing too much attention to himself and even choosing to follow a nice peaceful god without much of a violent pass.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form):
-fc//mazzi maz

//Yu|ZhànshìKevin|Fortune TellerJia|Wenchang Wang//
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Graham Jacobs
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