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 Castellόn Rabeh

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Name: Castellόn Míguel Rabeh, but of course he doesn’t expect anyone to call him by all of that. Really though, he’s considered how many mispronunciations he has gotten over the years. He prefers to just go by Cas, and other nicknames (such as “Cassie”) make him extremely upset and uncomfortable.
Gender: Cissexual male, but in the great words of an ancient prophet you can “tell that he’s in touch with his feminine side, yuh”.
Sexuality: Asexual, biromantic. He’s dated before but meh.
Mortal Parent: Yasmine Benjelloun, a Moroccan daughter of Cupid, is the mother of both Cas and his twin brother, Cameroon, or Cam. She was born on 2 August 1972 in Casablanca, because her mother Imane was worried that her parents would scold her for bearing a child out of wedlock. In 1980, Yasmine and her mother moved to California, where Yasmine was taken to train by Lupa and her wolves. She lived in Camp Jupiter until she was too adult-y to continue, then moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where she met a hot guy.
God Parent: Mercury, or the Roman god of roads, speed, messengers, commerce, travel, thieves, merchants, communication, athletics, and mail delivers. He was the hot guy Imane ran into in a post office, looking all steamy and stuff in disguise as a Spaniard named Parcel Cabrero. There was some casual chit-chat, a date, Netflix and chill (except Netflix didn’t exist and it was like, Blockbuster or something), and poof. A cute little set of twins was born.
Date of Birth: Cas was born on the 21st of February in 1997, three minutes before his baby brother Cameroon.
Place of Birth: Cape Town, South Africa in a hospital.
Hometown/Last Residence: Cape Town, South Africa. He lived there since he was ten, then moved to New Rome with his mom and brother.
Race/ethnicity: Spanish-Moroccan racewise. If we’re talking ethnicity, then he’s South African.
Accent: Cas has a very noticeable South African accent. It’s really cute.
Skin Tone: Cas’ skin is...Hm. Go to the store, purchase the best chocolate bar in there, open it up, then put it with that one Snapchat filter that makes everything kind of vibrant. That’s it. Favorite chocolate bar with a reddish undertone.
Eye Color: Dark brown, easy to melt in.
Hair Color: Deep brown, darker than his eyes and almost black.
Hair Length: Cas likes keeping his hair longer in the middle and tapered along the sides, almost similar to his brother’s. However he will not wear it the same way if Cam is wearing his like that. If Cam’s hair starts to resemble his, he’ll either cut it all the way down or let it grow.
Height: 6 feet even
Weight: 172 lbs
Body Type: Mesomorph
Appearance: Right off the bat, it isn’t uncommon to catch a player vibe from Cas. He isn’t one, don’t worry. He has the capability to be but the guy is such a sweetheart that he’d rather not. Cas has the build of your average Roman legionnaire, which is fit and slightly muscular. He has a broad chest/shoulders, the legs of a runner (because he is one duh), and other healthy body standards as set by society. Hie has a jawline on the softer side, along with soft yet defined cheekbones, and sometimes you can catch him with some scruff if Terminus doesn’t yell at him to shave. Cas has round, downturned eyes that should be behind glasses but he’s rebellious. Clothingwise, he wears a variety of pastel colors such as light blue, light pink, insert light color here. His pants are usually always darker than his shirt, and he prefers jeans over anything. Cas’ shoes range from Jordan’s to Converse, always clean, and his knives are almost always at his hip. Oh. And some type of hat (never a fedora).
Weapon: Unlike his brother Cam, who prefers distance fighting, Cas enjoys getting up close and personal with his opponents with two Imperial gold knives that are each about five inches long and very sharp. They are kept in their separate sheaths on either of Cas’ hips and hold no magical abilities. Cas also uses a round 2 foot-by-2 foot Imperial gold shield so he doesn’t get stabbed too much. The front is smoothed and polished to blind his enemies with the sunlight.
Armor: Cas’ armor isn’t very special. It’s the standard armor given out, nothing fancy to it. Except maybe a blood stain from when he got shanked that one time. Don’t tell Cam that, he’ll lose it.
Pet(s): No. Long story.
→Close-range fighting
→Cooking (especially Moroccan food; 10/10)
→Multilingual (French, Spanish, and some Arabic and Afrikaans)
Blunt: He can be very blunt, but rarely with Cam because he doesn’t need him upset. Everyone else is free game and he won’t know that someone’s feelings are hurt unless they literally tell him that.
Culturally unattached: Yep. Cas wants little to nothing to do with his Moroccan and Spanish roots because he personally believes that the Roman-ness of his father completely drained him of having his own race. He’s proposed this theory that, because the gods can change their appearance, it somehow drains demigods of their proposed race. He keeps his flamenco dancing and bomb af food underwraps because of this. IN CONCLUSION...Cas basically rolls his eyes at his brother and his reading constantly.
Inappropriate sense of humor: He laughs at the wrong times and at the wrong things. Do I really need to explain further?
Sticky fingers: Cas accidentally...steals things? He doesn’t really know that he’s stealing though. If a friend lends him their jacket for a few minutes, Cas might actually walk away with it and keep it forever without realizing that he stole it. This has happened more times than he can count and has often gotten many fingers pointed at him if something ended up missing. He blames Mercury.
Them eyebrows: Cas has some pretty thick and bushy eyebrows, man. He doesn’t feel insecure about them - anymore - so they don’t really bother him. Aside from those, his facial features are kind of soft.
→Magic tricks
→Solving social problems
→Containing Cam (“Cam please.”)
→Advice (all kinds, lay it on him)
→Saying “no”
→Keeping to himself
→Secretly dancing
→Moroccan and Spanish food
→Penny Boards
→Roaming (HA) New Rome
→Cam touching people
→Or touching him
→Diabetes (It’s a completely rational fear whether you eat right or not)
→Losing someone important to him
Cas can be described as an extroverted introvert if you get what I’m saying. He’s always out and about, usually in a group of people, but he rarely is speaking as much as he is laughing along. He enjoys being around people more than he does being by himself actually, and most people think of him as good company. It’s hard to find him alone. However, when he is then he’s cooking his special food or in a locked room blaring India Martínez while he dances his heart out. He holds his family very near and dear to his heart, so you try to mess with them. Try it. He dares you.
Gotta go fast: Cas naturally is a quick-moving person, but with this ability he thought process is just 5% faster than average. This means his reflexes are quicker, he can plan ahead better, and his metabolism is pretty high because of the quickness making him as hungry as a horse.
Skinny love: Cas can see someone’s romantic attraction towards another, represented by a white aura that grows stronger with the attraction. The aura only becomes visible when the person is three feet away from him.
“You didn’t see that coming?”: Just give Cas a destination and a reason and the dude can run at 27 mph (since the fastest human on earth can run 27.78 mph (shout out to my bruh Usain Bolt)). He can run for five posts or until another object stops him from continuing (i.e. someone trips him). This makes him a very good sprinter.
Social Status: Bring on the people, just don’t make him say words
Summer or Year Rounder: Year rounder, but he only goes to Cape Town to make sure Cam doesn’t get arrested.
Years at Camp: Two years
Life Before Camp:
Seventeen years ago, Cas was born to his mother in Cape Town, South Africa. Then Cam came along three minutes later and he guesses that that’s cool too. His mother always tried to teach his brother and him about their culture, but Cas never had any of it even before his theory was formed. He wanted to fit in with the other kids back at that time, and fitting in meant that you couldn’t always pack your lunch or play some of your music too loudly. But he grew out of that because he found out that the other kids were lame. He’s just not into it all, okay? Geesh, mom.

Despite not liking some of the people in Cape Town, Cas definitely did not want to move to the United States. He didn’t want to leave a place he knew so well to go to a completely new one, though he knew later in life that his mother couldn’t raise the two boys as safely as she wanted. He listened in as she explained why they were going to Cam, and found out what they were when they finally reached Camp Jupiter, thus forming his theory on race and making his lack of cultural value valid in his own eyes. Cam was taken to training with Lupa five years after their arrival, and Cas went as soon as his brother returned six months after.
Role-playing Example: ...
Notes: fc//Aj Saudin


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Castellόn Rabeh
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