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 Marissa-Louise Sutherland

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PostSubject: Marissa-Louise Sutherland   Marissa-Louise Sutherland Icon_minitimeWed Nov 18, 2015 12:58 am

Marissa-Louise Sutherland Tumblr_lxm6819DKU1qbga1jo2_250Marissa-Louise Sutherland Tumblr_lxm6819DKU1qbga1jo3_250
Marissa-Louise Sutherland Tumblr_lxm6819DKU1qbga1jo1_250Marissa-Louise Sutherland Tumblr_lxm6819DKU1qbga1jo4_250

Full name: Marissa-Louise Colette Sutherland, but you are only allowed to refer to her as "Mary".
Gender: Cis female
Sexuality: Heterosexual, biromantic. Sh.
Age/Birthday: 21/1 August 1993

Eyes: Brown hazel
Hair: Light brown
Body type: Triangle; hips and stuff but lacks the boobies
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 127 lbs
Typical clothing (optional): Everything designer...her mother is the top of a company, you know.
Skin color/race: cafe au latte/Malagasy-Chinese (her mother's from Madagascar)

God Parent: Cupid
Mortal Parent: Mimi Bridgette Sutherland, head of Sutherland and Co. Outfitters.
How they met: Cupid was disguised as Eric Sutherland, the famous designer of whom the company is named after, when he met the young fashion major, Mimi Rabetsitonta, as she was interning at the company after moving to Hong Kong. He watched her for sometime, though Mimi had never seen the elusive designer. One night she received a note from him that told her to come up to his office. They spoke in the dark. Yes. Sh. And after a few more meetings, Mimi was pregnant with Mary. He revealed himself as Cupid as soon as he found out, then vanished in a sexy way.

Personality (at least three lines): Oops, c/p in first person. "I have an Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judgement personality type. Here, I took a cute little test: Wait, what do you mean I need to elaborate more? What kind off interview is this? Ugh, if I must I will say what I have heard from others. Most of the people who knew me at school (they were nobody's so I did not associate with them) would say that I am sweet, empathetic, and kind...And I am not just so you know. I could not be "sweet" to save my life. Almost everyone I encounter disgusts me or makes me feel challenged (if they attractive) to the point where I will do nearly anything to be sure that they know that I am higher than them. I had some closer friends at my school who would call me intelligent but lazy, which I can agree with to a certain extent. I am very smart, and I am only lazy when I know I would be able to get the task done with ease while someone else could not. I like seeing people struggle. I heard from a little annoying birdie that one of my closer friends that I have met here at camp describes me as "nice, but afraid that I might attack her" or something. That is true - I could play nice until I find out that you may or may not have an advantage over me. I could kill you. My best friend is really cool around me, but she talks about me behind my back by saying that I cannot keep a secret, I hold a grudge, I am stuck-up, I gossip a lot, et cetera. You did not hear this from me, but I hear she has a thing going on with a cripple from 9 AND a mortal. Just saying. Next question?"
Pets (optional): animals hate her
Weapon (optional): a very teensy imperial gold dagger that she doesn't use, but definitely knows how to.

Hello There, Gorgeous~ Mary has no idea that she has this power. Whenever she flirts with someone - anyone - she appears to be who they most desire. Whether that is a specific person or specific traits the target prefers, Mary appears to be the image of beauty for said person. If the person has no specific type, or isn't phased by Eros-relating feelings at all, then the power will get confused and cease to work. This power also has trouble working on females and tends to concentrate more on males.
Bring Honour to Us All~ Mary's matchmaking skills are supernatural. She can tell when two people are attracted to each other even before they can, able to locate where exactly the match is at the long as they are in a 20 mile radius. This power is constantly on in the back of her mind and whenever she put it into use, she gets a headache. She will never use it more than three times a day because that is when she'll get a killer migraine. This power can be resisted, however, if two people deeply loathe each other or have a strong romantic connection/bond with someone else.
Something having to do with love, I'm sure of it.

Time in camp/the legion/the House of Life: two
History (at least ten sentences): Short and sweet let's go. Mary was born in Hong Kong and grew up rich with her more successful older sister, Mia. Their mother worked a lot which meant that the nanny, Connie, became their mama. One day the wolves came to come kidnap Mary and she was like "WTF no, you bumbling baboon" and the wolves were confused and they left. So Mary's mom had to tell Mary that she was going to some fancy resort while Mia was being perfect protesting in Russia. Mary went to a hotel in the United States, but was then actually kidnapped and tossed into the Wolf House. Legend says she survived by ruining the wolves' social lives. Now she is at Camp Jupiter with her hot and annoying film nerd.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): chill
*actual queen
*has asthma

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Marissa-Louise Sutherland
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