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 Kiera Rowan

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Name: This little lady’s full name is Kiera Monica Rowan. Her first name (pronounced key-air-uh) came from a hypothetical conversation during her mother and father’s relationship. It was sort of like, “Hypothetically, if we had a child, what would you want to name them?” Names were tossed around until the couple decided on Kiera, meaning “dusky; dark-haired” in Irish Gaelic. Her middle name was the name Vesta was going by at the time, and her last name is also from Irish descent.
Age: Kiera was born on April 13, 1999. This makes her 16 years old.
Gender: Born female, cissexual female. She is pansexual-panromantic.
Eyes: Kiera’s eyes are a very deep brown that appear black until light hits them.
Hair: A rusty red tone that is often compared to copper. She is, in fact, ginger.
Height: 5 feet, 3 inches.
Body Type: Lean and slightly muscular.
Skin Color: Kiera’s skin is a funny color, being a very pale shade of brown that closely resembles wheat. Her body is heavily covered head-to-toe in reddish freckles.
Mother: Pax, Roman Goddess of Peace. When she met Kiera's father, she went by another name, Monica, which ended up being Kiera's middle name.
Father: Romeo Rowan is a super tough FBI agent that will be soon retiring. It’s a wonder how this son of Nemesis ended up with someone so sweet and peaceful as Kiera’s mother, but cut the guy some slack. He’s not a kick-booty agent all the time; away from work he's a very kind guy that makes gladiator-shaped waffles for his daughter and goes to rescue shelters to cuddle puppies. Oh but he's not soft. He can kill a man and he will.
Other Family: Elijah Anthony Rowan is Kiera's older brother of one year, being 17 years old. He's very protective of Kiera, and the two have a very strong sibling bond. Basically, if you make one upset, the other will destroy you.
Legacy of: Nemesis, Roman goddess of retribution, vengeance, and balance. Her name, whether Roman or Greek, is interchangeable because revenge is universal. She is also Kiera's grandmother.
Country of Origin: The United States of America (Or Quantico. Virginia to be specific)
× Reading body language
× Planning ahead
× A+ Organization skillz
× Calming people down
× Resourceful
× Creative
× Getting justice (or "revenge" if you want to get technical)
Weapon**: Kiera fights using a sturdy darkwood bow that is carved with the Latin phrase "Actus me invito factus non est meus actus", which basically means "An act done by me against my will is not my act". The words curve around the bow, covering the whole length. Kiera also mainly uses blunt-tipped arrows. When she doesn't, it's for a true fight/purpose and her arrows are deadly sharp shards of Imperial Gold.
Personality: Overall, Kiera is this odd mix of steely comfort and intimidating warmth. Without meaning to, her warm gaze is almost always mistaken as a prying glare. Kiera really is a sweet person. Trust me. It's just she has this...habit of being this quiet creature that somehow manages to make you squirm. Despite always ready to take you into her open arms, most people are intimidated by the strength she radiates.
Kiera is a very warm person that values friends and family, but also balance to the point where her favorite quote is "an eye for an eye". She doesn't take kindly to cheaters, liars, or people that can cause others pain, and will immediately call them out on their wrongs. Besides this she's inspoken and rarely approaches any first. When she does, it's because she believes they can benefit from each other.
× Standoffish demeanor
× A bit too nice
× Overanalyzes things/people
× Isolates a lot
× A tad bit obsessed with getting even
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
Bro chill: Kiera has a medium-effect aura around her that reveals itself when someone gets within a two foot radius. The subject is automatically overcome with a feeling of relaxation and calm, which can be felt whether or not the subject is vexed. The peace doesn't linger outside of the radius, which is why most people are uncomfortable with her at first glance. To be straightforward, this ability causes a natural high. The aura can relax those experiencing normal levels of stress, such as a test or a small argument, but ceases to relax major stress levels like panic attacks. If a person is already calm then the ability blends with it and has no effect.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):
Life Before CJ*: Kiera’s father, Romeo, met Pax during an assignment. She had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and just long enough to be called a witness to a murder case. Mr. Rowan’s team had arrived to her house to ask her a few questions and, after, he asked if they could meet up again. They pursued a strictly professional relationship until the case was solved, which was when Romeo asked her out on a strictly nonprofessional date. Pax shot him down. This trend continued until Pax asked him out instead, and the two lived happily ever after. Right?
Wrong. Well, wrong-ish. Being the son of a goddess, Romeo had enough experience to recognize a goddess after she disappears inexplicably for long periods of time, or doesn’t sleep, or accidentally cuts her finger and bleeds golden ichor instead of red blood. He came to this conclusion a bit after her was engaged to Pax, who was very pregnant at the time. The day Kiera was born was the same day Pax told Romeo what he pretty much guessed before vanishing. She figured he would know what to do anyway.
Romeo as a single dad was scary enough with Elijah running around, but now he had Kiera. Kiera was much easier to raise than his son. She was always very polite and patient, rarely arguing with anyone unless she needed to. She seemed to avoid conflict. Romeo knew the day would come when Kiera making friends would become the least of his worries, and the arrival of Lupa’s wolves would bring up a new wave of trouble. Until then, though, he tried to raise her as normally as he could in Quantico. The wolves came on her tenth birthday, giving Romeo a very limited time to explain what was going on before she was taken away.
Kiera was almost broken by Lupa several times, but always somehow managed to get back up and fight back. Her sense sharpened, her skills quickened, and soon enough the confuse scared little pup was ready to be accepted into the Legion. Once she made it to Caldecott Tunnel after stabbing a few monsters that tried to gnaw on her, she became inducted as a Roman and tattooed. Honestly it was a bit overwhelming, but she did finally understand what the tattoo on her father’s own forearm meant.
Now, as Kiera works to get away from her probatio status, Romeo and Elijah are planning to move to New Rome when the whole FBI gig is up. Not to protect Kiera or anything.
Any notes about your characters:
*Legacy's powers aren't as strong as a regular demigods.
*FC is Jade Thompson

//Yu|ZhànshìKevin|Fortune TellerJia|Wenchang Wang//
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Kiera Rowan
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