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 Chowilawu Mohawk

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PostSubject: Chowilawu Mohawk   Chowilawu Mohawk Icon_minitimeTue Feb 23, 2016 10:15 pm

Chowilawu Mohawk Tumblr_mymj04MPDf1r4mrtjo2_250Chowilawu Mohawk Tumblr_mym4mpU7bd1r4mrtjo1_250
Full name: Chowilawu Mohawk. His name means "joined together by water".
Gender: Slightly gender fluid male
Age/Birthday: 17, born July 9th, 1782
Place of Birth: The Choctaw Tribe
Sexuality: Demiromantic Bisexual

Eyes: Brown like fertile earth
Hair: Black, long hair. He gets it from his mother
Body type: Lean, fit
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 161 lbs
Typical clothing (optional):
Skin color/race: Light tan/ America, like, legit. He's from the Choctaw tribe.

God Parent: Neptune, Roman god of Earthquakes, Horses, Hurricanes, and Storms. Lord of the Seas.
Mortal Parent: His mother is Sooleawa Mohawk.
they met: Soolewa was out fishing when a

Personality (at least three lines): Since Chowilawu's powers are tied to his emotions, He tries to keep his emotions under control. He has realized that being calm makes everything okay for everyone else. However sometimes he tents to release this in small bursts of rebellion. Aside from that, he's laid back and keeps to himself. He doesn't like to boast about who is father is nor does he display his powers often. Because of this, and along with his good looks, people assume that he is a pushover. This only makes his patience wither until there is none left which means big problems. When he sees someone he likes or finds attractive, he tries to display himself. As in, puff his chest out and demonstrates some type of power. To friends, Chowilawu is gentle like a ocean breeze, caring for them and wanting to protect them at all costs.
Flaws (at least 4): Because he tends to be uptight, Chowilawu, at times, must let go which sometimes ignites a rebellious streak in him. This streak gets him in trouble sometimes. Another flaw of Chowilawu is that he isn't immune to the current diseases that had arrived in the US since 1795. One of his eyes is bigger than the other.

Pets (optional): None. They're long dead.
Weapon (optional):[ Imperial gold bow and arrows
Chowilawu Mohawk Tumblr_lr6qq2eOdd1r2i2iso1_500Chowilawu Mohawk Ocean-water-animated-gif-3
Atmokinesis: One of his most powerful features is his ability to form storms over bodies of water and sending them 50 feet inland. With this power, he has enough potential to form devastating tropical storms that come close to a hurricane. The winds can reach up to 95 mph. This must be performed over a large body of water. The largest he can make the hurricane is 15 feet with a 10 foot radius. Chowilawu can also create thunderstorms over open bodies of water. The lightening that is generated by the thunderstorm is completely out of his control. Once on land, the only thing he can control is the precipitation that falls from it. He can do this for four post with a nine post cool down.
Earthquaker: Chowilawu can create an earthquake that has the ability to hit 8 on the Richter scale. This level of earthquakiness can be felt 3/4 of a mile all around him. This can last for three posts with a topic cool down. The lowest he can do is a number 1 on the Richter scale and that can go out two a mile.
Floods: With the maximum use of 550, 000 gallons (The size of an Olympic sized pool) of water, Chowilawu can create a flood. The flood can come from the ocean, lakes, rivers, and even streams. The flood lasts for five posts and he will need a two topic cool down.
Eruption Inducement: With the use of his earthquake power, he can activate a volcanic reaction. This only works when his within 30 foot radius of a volcano. This takes three posts to preform and a topic cool down.
Drought: This power takes a lot from Chowilawu. He can strip water from the plant life around him to cause a temporary drought. He can do this to plants who are in a 10 foot radius. He can do this in one post with a eleven post cool down.
Come, drink: Sense Neptune is also considered the god of fresh water, Chowilawu can bring freshwater up from the ground. Freshwater must be found at least 30 feet deep. He can do this for three posts with a five post coo down.
I Ride the Tide: Chowilawu can your ride the waves for 7 posts with a five post cool down.
Water Convergent: This son of Neptune can change the current state of water by either forming ice or steam. Chowilawu can do this to water that has a volume of no larger than eight feet high and ten feet wide. The ice, water or steam can hold their alternate form five post with a ten post cool down. He can convert steam that is no hotter than 100 Celsius/212

Water Immunity: He can fall in water from any height without dying, Him or anything that he holds doesn't get wet unless he wants it to. He can also breathe and communicate with other children of water gods underwater.
Sailing Skills: He can telekinetically navigate any type of naval vessel that only requires one person. I.e canoe , kayak, paddle boat.
Heat Resistance: Chowilawu has a 45% higher resistance to heat and burns than normal humans, even demigods.
Sea Life Communication: He can communicate with marine life; both natural and magical. Chowilawu can also communicate with horses.
That Power: When Chowilawu is in or around water, his abilities spike up to 50%, causing him to become extremely powerful. His strength, clarity, speed, and endurance all increase to that percentage.
Poison/Venom Immunity: He is immune to any type of poisonous or venomous flora and fauna that is in the oceans.
Sensing Water: Chowilawu can sense underground water, tell how deep it is, and how much is in the underground well or spring.
Time in camp/the legion/brooklyn house: 1
History (at least eight sentences): Chowilawu Mohawk was born on July 9th, 1783 to Sooleawa Mohawk and the Roman god, Neptune. Neptune told his mother that their child was very special and that there was going to be monsters that would seek to kill him. Sooleawa asked him what she should do to keep the monsters at bay and he responded saying that he must not know who is father is for the fact that if he were to find out his scent would get stronger and attract more of the "unholy beasts". The Roman God also warned that at the age thirteen that a creature, half goat half man will come and take him to a place where he will be safe. Sooleawa gave him one last kiss. Three days later, he left. Soon the new born baby grew up into a toddler and waddled around after his mother, always asking to go for a swim, but she quickly told him no the majority of the time. She didn't want anything that made her child stick out like the rest of them. However he couldn't stay away from it. He would stay in there whenever he could, wading in it, going under for long periods of time. Some of the other kids thought was a fish because of the amount of time he spent in the ocean.
Years passed and now Chowilawu was a pre-teen who had decided to go and work as a fisherman to help the tribe. No matter how much fish he caught, he always released at least ten percent back into the lakes, rivers, and ocean. He was deemed blushed by the water gods, thus making him sacred. This was his mother's fear; for Chowilawu to be "gloried" and not treated like everyone else. It wasn't that she wanted him to be normal, but the fact that she didn't want to monsters to come and take away her baby. At the age of thirteen, his mother with a heavy heart sent him away, but not without someone to guide him. That is when Koowo, a faun came to lead him to the place that his father told her to take him after his thirteenth birthday. With one last huge from his mother, Chowilawu left for the North to Camp Half Blood. Unfortunately after getting to Philadelphia, both are captured by white settlers. While the settlers were sleeping in the night, Koowo devised a plan for them to escape. Koowo got himself free, thus freeing Chowilawu in the process. When the left, they heard the men coming after them. They zipped through the streets until they came to a building that seemed to draw both Koowo and Chawilawu in. The both of them entered the Lotus Pub, safe from the white settlers and that time period. As the centuries went on and Chawilawu started to noticed that the clothes of people changed except for his. If that wasn't enough, it felt as if something was wrong. Like the Ocean was calling out his name. Koowo also felt it and soon started eating the Lotus flowers that were given to him. Soon Koowo knew where they were and tried to reason with Chowilawu, telling him that this was the wrong place to be. Koowo was forced to drag him out of the Lotus Casino into modern day Las Vegas. However before he could be taken, the Wolves of Lupa arrived and took him to The House of Lupa to be trained. It took him two years to become well equipped in combat. However, Lupa didn't tell him what had transpired in the past three centuries so he was still lost. After this, he was quickly sent to the tunnel of Camp Jupiter, now fightened and tense around all these new. White. Faces.

[color:d1c8=#33cc99RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form):[/color] No
-fc// Michael Hudson
- innocent smol

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Chowilawu Mohawk
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