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 Claude Aaldenberg

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PostSubject: Claude Aaldenberg   Claude Aaldenberg Icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2016 3:34 am

Take me up the mountain where the apple tree is.
Take me down the valley so I can drink.
Lead me to where they keep the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
Lead me to the Forge of Olympus.
Keep me safe from the dangers of ignorance.
Keep me away from the weak pillars.
Take me.
Lead me.
Keep me.
Claude Aaldenberg Tumblr_mttey8vadI1r12n4oo5_r1_250Claude Aaldenberg Tumblr_mttey8vadI1r12n4oo1_250Claude Aaldenberg Tumblr_n2t3yjS2XA1rtjkxko2_250

Full name: Claude Hugo Warwick Aaldenberg
Gender: Cissexual male
Age/Birthday: 23, June 1992
Place of Birth: New Rome, California
Sexuality: Demiromantic bisexual

Eyes: Gray
Hair: Brown
Body type: Fit, bulky
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 190lbs
Typical clothing (optional):
Skin color/race: White/ Dutch

Mother: Daphne Aaldenberg; an American daughter of Vulcan  
Father: Adolph Aaldenberg; a Dutch son of Minerva

Personality (at least three lines): Claude is a huge nerd and loves to see how things function. He spends hours on end putting things together, taking them apart, then putting them back together again interchanging parts to see if it still worked or not. This curiosity has stemmed from both sides of his parentage: The craftsmanship and creativity of Vulcan and the wisdom and intelligence of Minerva. He is both a kinesthetic and a mix between auditory and visual learner. When his nose isn't stuck in a book studying, his hands are working in the forge, pounding out the imperfections from the weapons that he is currently crafting. When it comes to music, Claude is complete and utter indie trash. 'Wishlist' is life to him. Well, not technically, but y'know. Although he's calm and collected most of the time, Claude does have his "war" moments. If someone were to punch him *cough* Emmett *cough* he'd punch them right back as a reflex. Afterwards he's sorry about it, but if the person is okay, then so is he. This legacy of Minerva and Vulcan, when it comes to dating, falls hard. Even on the first date, Claude is thinking of cute things he would do for that person. Sometimes the dates don't go well and he's okay with that. Scrabble, crossword puzzles, and chess are his favorite games to play when he's not in the forge or reading up on Philosophers. Claude rarely hates anyone and has been known to be the Devil's advocate.
Flaws (at least 4): Perfectionist, Arachnophobia, Fear of Heights, and socially awkward.
Pets (optional): None, but he wants one.
Weapon (optional): Spear and shield. Imperial gold of course.

Technology Manipulation-  Claude can manipulate technology and technological constructs, computers, robots, hardware and other devices that can be termed as "technology". He can control weapons for four posts with a two topic cool down. The largest thing he can control is ATM machine.

Intuitive Aptitude- He can figure out how mechanical things work. Claude can take things apart, find the problem, and put it back together again. However this doesn't work on organisms and powers.
- Can talk to owls
- Claude can understand and communicate with machines
- Can sense metals, machines, and mechanical items
- Immunity to heat and flames that don't come from gods or titans
Time in camp/the legion/brooklyn house: 13
History (at least eight sentences): Even though Claude was born in New Rome, he considers himself Dutch. After his birth, his father got an offer to work on the board of a very successful technology company in Eindhoven, Netherlands. There, he learned Dutch along with English, German, and French from both his mother and his father. It was easy for him to learn each language thanks to being a legacy of Minerva. He stayed there in Eindhoven until the age of ten when the wolves of Lupa came to take him to the West coast where he trained in the House. He trained there for a good nine months before being given a good recommendation letter and sent on his merry way to Camp Jupiter. He was put in the he was put in the second cohort and was assigned a spear and shield as his main weapons (he keeps a dagger strapped to his thigh just in case. In his teen years, Claude had a couple of girlfriends before having his first actual boyfriend. He dated guys mostly before switching to girls, then back again. One thing they could all agree on was that Claude was very romantic and loved to play chess and indie music. Now out of the legion and graduating from undergrad in New Rome, Claude is now working on getting his masters in architecture and hopes to one day design energy sufficient, environment friendly buildings for corporations.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): Sitting in the library, Claude was listening to some indie music while doing some crossword puzzles. He was currently working on three of them at once and was actually enjoying himself. The legacy took a sip of his iced coffee before putting it off to the side. Claude was wearing a white sweater, blue jeans, and black combat boots with a black scoff wrapped loosely around his neck. "A five letter word that's a unit of energy." That was a no brainer. "Joules..." He jotted down before going to the next one. It was ten o'clock at night and he was suppose to go on a date when the girl called to cancel. He was sad at first, but then he told himself that it just wasn't meant to be. Plus this guy had caught his attention and he wanted to talk with him. "Groot. Ik ben klaar."
fc// Nicolas Simoes
Claude has a thick Dutch accent.

Romans: ChowilawuTanzaniaVinoIsaac
Egyptians: MalcolmBellamyBa'alEvan
Aztecs: CarmenSantiagoJavierZoilaGonzalo
Chinese: Lei
Norse: CalderBryant-JaceGretchenMohinderVincent
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Claude Aaldenberg
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