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 Rihanna Hunte

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Rihanna Hunte Tumblr_mqrltxf5Xu1r961bco2_250Rihanna Hunte Tumblr_mqrltxf5Xu1r961bco4_250

Full name: Rihanna Angelica Hunte
Gender: cis female
Age/Birthday: 21, born January 27th, 1993
Place of Birth: Oistins, Barbados
Sexuality: Biromantic Bisexual

Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Dark brown
Body type: Slim thick
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Typical clothing (optional): Purple dresses, silver jewelry, usually wearing a pant suit or beautiful sundresses and floppy hats.
Skin color/race: Barbadian, Rich brown

God Parent: Tempestes; Roman goddess of storms.
Mortal Parent: Rene Hunte.
How they met: Tempestes met Rene when he was out on a fishing trip. One thing let to another and the goddess gave him a child to raise.

Personality (at least three lines): It's really hard to tell if Rihanna is happy or not because she always look so serious. On occasion, Rihanna can be friendly and smile while sometimes she can be stand offish and push people away. She's currently studying to become a pharmaceutical scientist and hopes to one day find a cure to consumption. Because of this, you can usually see her sipping a glass a wine inside a restaurant with a purple highlighter in hand and a book in her lap. Rihanna has a good heart and is always willing to help others who need it. She loves to sing above all else and enjoys classical music and peace and quiet. Aside from the pattering of rain drops on her villa windows. Overall, a classy lady.
Flaws (at least 4): Poor archery skills, has Sickle Cell Anemia, Jealously (when in a relationship, and inpatient.
Pets (optional): None.
Weapon (optional): Imperial gold gladius.

Rihanna Hunte Tumblr_n2y58i1x7N1rertyro1_500Rihanna Hunte 3717072-tumblr_n2y58i1x7n1rertyro2_500
Weather Manipulation: Rihanna has power over the weather meaning she can turn a bright and sunny day into a gloomy, rainy one just on a whim. The greatest thing she can do is create a level one hurricane. Her emotions are tied to her powers so whenever she gets mad, you can ear thunder rolling in the near distance. When she's happy there are clear skies and when she's said there's usually rain. She can also control the temperature, making it go as high as 100 degrees F and going as low as -5 degrees F.
Can sense when a storm is coming.
Time in camp/the legion/brooklyn house: 11
History (at least eight sentences): Being raised in Barbados, Rihanna spent most of her time outside playing in the water or either messing around with her friends. Her father, Rene, knew that she was very special and wanted to keep her around for as long as possible, locking her in to prevent the Wolves of Lupa from coming to take her.  Alas, she was taken to the House where she trained before going to Camp Jupiter. While in camp, the daughter of Tempestes was put in the third cohort, highkey upset about not being considered for the higher ones. Needless to say, Rihanna sucked it up and trained until she left the legion to go to college.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): N/A
Notes: fc// Kelly Rowland

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Egyptians: MalcolmBellamyBa'alEvan
Aztecs: CarmenSantiagoJavierZoilaGonzalo
Chinese: Lei
Norse: CalderBryant-JaceGretchenMohinderVincent
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Rihanna Hunte
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