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 Alexander Grains (Greek Transfer)

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PostSubject: Alexander Grains (Greek Transfer)   Alexander Grains (Greek Transfer) Icon_minitimeWed Feb 03, 2016 7:02 pm

Alexander Grains (Greek Transfer) Tumblr_m4m0ajFT5O1qdcbw5
Full name: Alexander Chrysothemis Grains
Gender: Cis male
Age/Birthday: 19; December 7th, 1996
Place of Birth: Raleigh, NC
Sexuality: Homoromantic bisexual
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Body type: Fit
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs
Typical clothing (optional): Shades of green t-shirts, jeans, boots, Vans, shorts, sunglasses, snapbacks. Leather jacket.
Skin color/race: Brown, African American

God Parent: Demeter; Greek goddess of the harvest, the seasons, agriculture, food, and managing law.
Mortal Parent: Franklin William Grains. He's the best, honestly, although he does have his short comings. One of them having a narrow mind, but whatever. He works as the Vis President of some recycling, energy conservation corporation.
How they met: She met my father while shopping in a fresh food market. They were both reaching for a ripe tomato, causing their hands to touch. I'm assuming it was love at first sight? Eh, who knows.

Personality (at least three lines): Alex has been told that he has a very outgoing personality. He enjoys  being around friends as well as just letting loose. He has an amazing sense of humor, enjoy making people laugh and feel good about themselves. However, sometimes Alex would rather be by myself, usually reading in the library or sitting in a coffe shop in New Rome. Overall, Alex is an ENFP which means he's an extrovert at heart.

Flaws (at least 4): Stutters, socially awkward, over protective, and asthma
Pets (optional): None
Weapon (optional): Celestial bronze battle axe.

Chlorokinesis- Alex has the awesome power to control plants at will. Whether it's growing a simple lily or creating seven foot tall wheat monsters, he can do it. He can manipulate plant life for about ten minutes with a hour cool down between each usage. Alex can use his chlorokinesis for seven posts straight, but will need a twenty post cool down. He can control plants that are in a ten foot radius. The largest Alex can control is a 1m30 foot plant.
Blessed Fertility- If Alex come across an area that is barren and is unable to yield any produce, he can use my powers to make the soil fertile again. He can do this twice in one topic with a three topic cool down. The effect will be permanent so this will require a good amount of energy. The size of the field can't be no larger than twenty by seven field.
Abundant Harvest- The son of Demeter can give a person the feeling of being full and content. He can do this three times a day and will need a seven hour cool down.  This lasts about two posts and will need a five post cool down.

Poison Immunity- Alex is immune to any plant poison
Growth Aura- If Alex stands in an earthy area for more than five minutes, plants start to grow at his feet. The aura is about three feet in radius
Green Speaking- He can communicate with any form of plant life.
Plant names- I automatically know not only the lame name of the plant, but also the Latin version of it.
Animal Communication- Being a son of Demeter, I can communicate with pigs, lizards, and snakes

Time in camp/the legion/brooklyn house: 5 at CHB, 0 at CJ
History (at least eight sentences): Alexander was born on Mount Olympus in Demeter's temple then shipped off to his father. There Alex was raised and taken care of by him and soon to be step-mother. As a little child, he enjoyed playing in the dirt as well as helping my step-mother water the plants around the house. Every year doing elementary school for Mother's day, we would make flowers for his mothers. For Alex, his flowers always seemed to out last all the kids' plants. His father said that him had a real green thumb. Years passed and his identity about myself changed. In high school, the son of Demeter started to develop feelings for his best friend, who turned out to be a satyr. He told me about camp thus, claiming that he was a son of Demeter. At first Alex didn't believe him, but slowly did he realize that, in fact, he was a demigod. Alex's dad told him how they met and what she had told him before leaving me with him. After about a week Alex agreed to travel up north to Camp Half-Blood. Since Alex hated flying, they decided to take a little road trip to camp, stopping here and there until they arrived at the boarders.

Now Alex has decided to go to New Rome to attend the University there, leaving behind live-long friends. Oh, don't worry, he won't be gone forever.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): N/A
Notes: fc// Tristan Wilds. Mood changes with the Seasons

Romans: ChowilawuTanzaniaVinoIsaac
Egyptians: MalcolmBellamyBa'alEvan
Aztecs: CarmenSantiagoJavierZoilaGonzalo
Chinese: Lei
Norse: CalderBryant-JaceGretchenMohinderVincent
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Alexander Grains (Greek Transfer)
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