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 Richard McSear

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Richard McSear Tumblr_mc2u2n7NE21rx1vxr
Full name: Richard Dean McSear
Gender: Cis male
Age/Birthday: 17, August 18
Place of Birth: Virginia, USA
Sexuality: Bisexual, heteromantic

Eyes: Pale green
Hair: Dark brown
Body type: Fit
Height: 5'10
Weight: 139lb
Typical clothing (optional): Optional
Skin color/race: Pale

God Parent: Letus; Roman god of death
Mortal Parent: Dr. Rudy A. McSear
How they met: Letus met Dr. McSear when she went to check on her dying patient. After a few coffees and dates, they banged. The patient died, though. Sorry.

Personality (at least three lines): Richard has an upbeat personality, always looking for the silver lining in everything. He's very caring, never wanting someone to feel bad about themselves. He's the type of person that is there for everyone. Wiping away someone's tears or turning up the music to celebrate with someone. When he wants to be alone, he usually goes to a grave to either read or sketch.
Flaws: Doormat, fear of choking, and clumsily
Pets (optional): None
Weapon (optional): Imperial Gold dual swords

Powers:  Richard has the ability to summon spirit warriors. He can summon two spirits at a time. He needs a cool down time of twelve hours. After about five minutes the spirits dissipate.
Abilities: N/A

Time in camp/the legion/brooklyn house: 7
History (at least eight sentences): Dr. Rudy McSear gave birth to Richard on Augusts 18, 1998 to Letus His mother made sure to raise his son with moral values, making sure he knows that everyone has a story.  In the seventh grade is when Richard started to draw and sketch depictions of gravestones with roses laying at the base of them. Dr.  Rudy, his mother knew that one day her little boy whom she raised by herself would have to go off to The House of Luna.  Thankfully, before Richard was born, Letus told his  mother that the wolves of Luna would come and take him to a place where she would determine whether or not he was ready for Camp Jupiter. Thankfully he was approved by Luna and sent to CJ to finish his training.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): Richard concentrated, his eyes focused as he sketched into his notepad. The son of Letus moved his hair out of his eyes, biting down on his bottom lip, pondering the idea was adding in a different color other than black. "Velvet..." He mumbled to himself as he looked through his bag for the dark red color. Finding it, he put the the black pen down and uncapped the velvet one. A smile crept across his face as he bared down on the paper, slowly coloring in one of the roses. Richard frowned and studied his sketch. "Maybe I should've stuck with black." He recapped the pen and put it away, then reached out for his original one, coloring the rest pitch black.
Notes: fc// Grant Gustin

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Chinese: Lei
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Richard McSear
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