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 Ramsey Idas

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PostSubject: Ramsey Idas   Ramsey Idas Icon_minitimeTue Jan 26, 2016 2:41 pm

Ramsey Idas Tumblr_ne6kq2MLS21tcbhsqo2_500Ramsey Idas 896109008d962ce7aa0209d5e08cf033

Full name: Ramsey Shaka Idas
Gender: Cis male
Age/Birthday: 18; Nov 1st
Place of Birth: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Sexuality: Biromantic, bisexual

Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: short, dark brown
Body type: Fit, athletic
Height: 6'1
Weight: 184.9 lbs
Typical clothing (optional):
Skin color/race: Chocolate, African American

God Parent: Mars; Roman god of war, bloodshed, and conflict
Mortal Parent: Sheryl Idas
How they met: She was in the army and Mars was like, "Damn, look at the piece of Hersey's."

Personality (at least three lines): Overall, Ramsey is a determined individual. He's loyal to his father, Mars, along with Camp Jupiter. Towards strangers he may be seen as someone who is blunt and brash, but toward the few friends that he has, he's affectionate (As affectionate as a stereotypical Mar's can be). Toward his cohort mates, he shows love by messing with them. Pushing them around, teasing, and unnecessary name calling. When sparring is taking place, that's when he gets serious. All jokes aside until he is finally out of the arena. When it comes to his friends, Ramsey is basically the same way he is with his siblings, but less touchy. He's always up for a good game of basketball or a dirty decent chariot race. Now, to that special someone who will capture his armored heart, the son of Mars becomes possessive. Not that crazy, stalker type of possessive, but that "Ima protect you from the world if it kills me" type of way.

Flaws (at least 4): Blunt, resting bitch face, horrible cook, has a scar above his left eye, and Unnecessarily violent. Callous
Pets (optional): A Roman Molossus war dog named Iwisa.
Weapon (optional): Imperial gold gladius and shield

Weapon Control: Control over weapons obviously
Yes, Sir, Sergeant!: Can summon up to five undead warriors.
Anger Manipulation: Ramsey can sense the rage and anger of others around him and utilize it to increase his strength and durability. He can absorb the anger from someone who is five feet away from him. The more anger the more strength and durability he possesses. However, he can absorb, but so much before having a "black out" and attacking any and everything that is around him. This gives him a 20% boost to both his strength and durability. The power lasts for three posts with a thread cool down. Afterwards he feels tired and disoriented.  

Strength of a Solider: Being a son of Ares, he is 15% stronger, faster, and more agile than other demigods. He also knows how to use weapons just by touching them.
Sacred Animals: Ramsey can talk to boars and vultures

History: Ramsey Idas was born on November 1st, 1998 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Sheryl Idas and Ares. The god of war left two days after his birth, thus leaving Ramsey on to  be raised by a single mother. Growing up, he was taught how to be a man by his uncles and learning that suffering right now wouldn't compare to the bliss that would come afterwards. He took that advice and studied hard and school, played and practiced hard in baseball, the cello, and martial arts. At the age of ten, he was taken to the House of Lupa by her wolves before going off to Camp Jupiter at age eleven. From that point forward he has trained and worked to the best of his ability, only hoping to make his father and people proud.

RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form): N/A
Notes: fc// Jordan Calloway

Romans: ChowilawuTanzaniaVinoIsaac
Egyptians: MalcolmBellamyBa'alEvan
Aztecs: CarmenSantiagoJavierZoilaGonzalo
Chinese: Lei
Norse: CalderBryant-JaceGretchenMohinderVincent

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Ramsey Idas
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