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 Cameroon Rabeh

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Cameroon Rabeh Tumblr_ne6trd8BU71tcbhsqo1_250
Name: Cameroon Mohombi Rabeh. People usually calls him “Cam”. “Cam-Cam”, or any other variation of that. He is also known as the “ tribal prep tiny”.
Gender: Cam is a cissexual male. XY Chromosome
Sexuality: Bisexual, demiromantic.He has had three girlfriends and two boyfriends in the past. None of them lasting longer than two and a half months .
Mortal Parent: Yasmine Benjelloun. Born in Rabat, Morocco on August 2nd, 1972 to the Roman god, Cupid, god of desire, affection, and erotic love, and her mother Imane Benjelloun. Because Yasmine was born out of wedlock, her mother had to keep her a secret from her parents. So Imane fled from her home in Rabat and headed to Casablanca. There she had Yasmine and raised the demigod. In 1980, Imane in her daughter moved to New York city where Yasmine was taken by the wolves of Lupa to train in the House, and headed to Camp Jupiter where she was placed in the second court. After the daughter of Cupid served her time in the legion, Yasmine decided to go to Cape Town, South Africa.
God Parent: Mercury; Roman god of roads, speed, messengers, commerce, travel, thieves, merchants, communication, athletics, and mail delivers. The god met his mother, Yasmine, while she was working in a post office in Cape Town. When he met Yasmine, he appeared as an Spaniard, having dark hair, dark eyes, and tanned skin. His cover name was Parcel Cabrero.
Date of Birth: Cameroon was born three minutes after his brother, Castellón, on February twenty-first, nineteen ninety-seven.
Place of Birth: Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown/Last Residence: He grew up in Cape Town before moving to New Rome with his twin brother and mother at the age of ten.
Race/ethnicity: Cameroon is half Spaniard and half Moroccan. However, he is of South African ethnicity.
Accent: Being in Cape Town, South Africa for ten years, Cameroon along with his twin brother developed a South African accent. His accent is semi-heavy; noticeable, but isn't hard to understand.
Skin Tone: If you were to mix milk chocolate and white chocolate together with a dab of caramel; that is his skin tone...gods help me.
Eye Color: Brown like Hershey's Kisses
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Cameroon likes to keep his hair in a short, however, he keeps it long enough for him to create different styles with it.
Height: The son of Mercury stands at 5’10.
Weight: 167 lbs
Body Type: Mesomorph.
Appearance: First glance at Cameroon, you can tell that he is one handsome Roman demigod. With his BMI (Body Mass Index) being 18.2, Cam is a fit as well as a healthy legionnaire. This may be because of his grandfather of the god of desire and affection or whether because of the sports soccer and track that he used to participate in.  His skin is a smooth, beautiful  light brown which complements his round eyes perfectly.  His hair is usually in three styles: curled, short mohawk, or faded. Cam is well endowed in the gluteus Maximus area. When he is not wearing his imperial gold armor, the son of Mercury wears yellows, pinks, blacks, purples, and whites. A Typical outfit for Cameroon is a white v-neck tee, dark blue jeans, and his black Jordans. Accessories may consist of his black watch,  sunglasses, and a couple of wrist bands.
Weapon: Cam is more of a distance fighter so he utilizes a bow with imperial gold tipped arrow head. He has twelve arrow in his quiver that he has slung across his face.  
Armor: He possesses the basic armor of the legion with a few personal touches. In the center of his breastplate is a commercial heart with wings on either side of it. His Roman sandals has wings etched into the back of them.
Pet(s): No pets yet!
Runner- Cam along with his twin, Castellón, enjoys running. Not only because he’s good at it but because of the way it makes him feel.
Multilingual- Fluent in Spanish, English, Arabic, Latin and currently learning Afrikaans and the Northern Sotho.
Dancing- Spanish and African dances especially.
Archery- He’s no Apollo or hunter of Artemis, but he’s actually pretty good. A natural.
Eagerness to Please
His nose is a bit skinnier than most.
Open mindedness
Social Intelligence
Passive Aggressive
“Cam, no! You Can’t Touch People”- What? Cam is the type of person who admires the human body closely. Of course he asks for permission before doing so.  
Tribal Mixer- In his spare time, he enjoys blending South African beats with Spanish ones, usually doing it at parties as well for his own enjoyment. The majority of his music that is on his phone is from the beats that he mixed himself.
African Ritualistic Dancing- Cam is a bit closer to North and South Africans which is why he does traditional African dances. He adds tribal marks and attire that would be worn if he was from that tribe. He does this with other Roman demigods from African descent.
Brotherly Love/Harassment- The one thing that the son of Mercury enjoys is messing with his brother. He does this just because he knows that Cas can’t stand it. Pokes, unnecessarily displays of affection especially in public, anything to make his brother irradiated. This is only because he loves him to Olympus and back.
Running- Aside from being a son of the god of travel and speed, Cameroon loves to run. Running makes his blood pump and clears his mind. He usually tries to run ten miles before his day is started.
Soccer- Very good at being a striker.
Fashion- He likes to match his clothes.
Blunt Individuals- Just no, you’ll hurt poor Cam’s feelings.
Bigots- Keep your hateful comments to yourself.
Cold Weather- If it’s 55 degrees or lower,
Arrogance- No one likes a stuck up.
Fear of Commitment- Basically the fear of long partnership. Cameroon has this fear not because he’s afraid of his partner cheating or leaving him, but because Cam feels like he might get bored with his boyfriend or girlfriend. If he gets bored, then he won't be the boyfriend that he’s suppose to be. Where this fear stems from his still underneath development.
Personality: Cameroon has a positive and interesting personality. He can be very social, hanging out with his friends and on special occasions, flirting, but can also keep to himself. When the son of Mercury is alone, he is usually listening to his remixed tribal music or reading up on his cultural heritage. He has several books on Spain, Morocco and South Africa stacked near and around his bunk.
Talking Body: An ability passed down by his mother, Cameroon is able to look at someone and tell their sexaulity. Whether the person is asexual biromantic or pensexual heteroromantic, he’ll be able to tell.
Think Fast: Cam is ten percent faster than most demigods as well as having his reflexes be five percent quicker than most demigods.
Langue d’amore: Because his grandfather is the god of affection, he is fluent in the language of love which is French.
“Run Forrest!”: Now, seeing as this may not be a usual power, Cam can run for ten posts straight at a speed of twenty-three miles per hour over a thirty mile radius. His body has a slight dark yellow aura that surrounds him when is performing his power.
Build in GPS: The son of Mercury can visualize a path up to twenty miles in front of him to see if he’s heading in the right direction. This power works for three posts straight with a five post cooldown.
Currency Conversion: When it comes to money, Cameroon his able to convert the current currency into another. The largest amount of currency he can convert is three hundred dollars. He can do this five times a day with a topic cool own.
Enchanted Arrows: Once every ten posts, Cam can enchant a single arrow tip to cause it’s target to become filled with artificial love with him. This has little effect on children and or legacies of gods/goddesses of love. This lasts for three posts and the person is immune to it’s effects for twelve posts.  
Social Status: Semi-social butterfly.
Summer or Year Rounder: Year-rounder. However he tries to go back and visit Cape Town as often as he can.
Years at Camp: Two years
Life Before Camp: Cameroon Rabeh was born three minutes after his twin brother, Castellón, on February 21st, 1997 in Cape Town, South Africa. The father was Mercury who Yasmine, their mother, had caught his eye. She worked as the head manger of a shipping company and she honestly loved her job. Mercury saw this and became interested in the Moroccan demigod. The Roman god of travel appeared to her as a Spaniard, wooing her with tales of the countries and cities that he's toured all over the world. Yasmine was completely captivated by stories and thus, fell in love with him. After about two weeks, Cameroon and Castellón were conceived. Cam grew up on his mother teaching him Arabic and Afrikaans. She didn't have to teach them French since that was passed down from her being a daughter of Cupid. Even has a little kid, Cameroon always enjoyed learning about the cultures of Morocco and Spain. When he wasn't reading up on that, he was out playing soccer with the other neighborhood kids.  

At the age of ten, him along with his mother and Cas moved to New Rome when she realized that keeping them in South Africa wasn't save plus she needed help raising them. Cam asked her on the plane ride there why they left their home back in Cape Town. She explained that it was to keep them save from the things that could hurt them. Fear came into his heart and thus, didn't say anything the entire time until they reached California. Yasmine bought bus tickets for the three of them to the closet bus stop to the tunnel before walking the rest of the way. They stayed in New Rome for five years before the Wolves of Lupa went to her villa, and took Cam to the House to train. He trained there for six months before being sent to Camp Jupiter.
Role-playing Example: Ugh, it was time to get up again. It felt like it he just fell asleep two minutes ago. Cameroon sighed and sat up in his bunk, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He knew that he shouldn’t have stayed up reading the history of Spain. He was almost finished up with the fifteenth century before his eyes shut closed. Now lacking an hour of sleep than what he usually got, the son of Mercury placed his feet on the cold floor and headed toward the bathroom to get his day started. He slept in his Camp Jupiter SPQR t-shirt and a black pair of boxers. Looking himself in the mirror, he moved back his hair. Cam raised an eyebrow, allowing a smirk to form on his face. “Salve, cutie.” He said to himself, winking. After this, the legionnaire picked up his toothbrush, squirted Crest on the brushle and started to brush his teeth.
Notes: Cameroon’s face claim is Rome Flynn.

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Cameroon Rabeh
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