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 Tanzania Africanus

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PostSubject: Tanzania Africanus   Tanzania Africanus Icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2015 1:20 pm

Tanzania Africanus Akeys-thatgrapejuice

Name: Tanzania Claudia Africanus
Age: 17, June 9, 1997
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, sometimes braided or cut short
Height: 6'0
Body Type: Fit, slightly muscular
Skin Color: Mocha

God Parent: Her mother is the great Roman war goddess, Bellona. She is also the goddess of destruction and devastation.
Legacy: Tanzania is a legacy of Venus; goddess of femininity, love, beauty, passion, desire, things like that.
Country of Origin: United States, however her bloodline originated in Ancient Rome. She's a decedent of Drusus Africanus who moved down through the continent of Africa to modern day Cameroon.

• Hand-to-Hand combat
• Fashion
* Dancing
* Weapon Combat
* Strategic planning
*Playing the cello

Weapon**: Imperial gold two handed broadsword, five daggers, a shield, a net and spear

* Flirtatious

*Can be verbally abusive
*Has a bruise on her left scapula from a hellhound claw mark
*Bushy eyebrows

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
Multilingual She is also fluent in Spanish, French, and Latin.
Animal Communication- She can talk to doves, boars, Ravens, and other animals of Bellona and Venus
Pendulum- Tanzania can look at a person and see what their sexuality is.

Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):
Battle Maiden- In the heat of battle, Tanzania enters a enhanced state that allows her to increase her stamina, speed, critical strikes, and flexibility by 20%. This last for about two posts and needs a topic cool down.
Weaponry Manipulation- Because her mother is Bellona, Tanzania can control up to five weapons at once. This control lasts for about three posts and will need a ten post cool down. She can also curse weapons to become rusted or dull and also bless weapons to become sharper and more sufficient.
War Cry- This devastating shout empowers up to three of her allies and sends a chilling and threatening feeling to her opponents. The shout lasts for three posts and needs a six post cool down.
Perfume Plume- This Roman demigoddess can create a concentrated plume of perfume that can cause anyone in the surrounding radius of seven feet to choke and gag. The plume last for only two posts and will need a seven post cool down.
Feminine Power: Tanzania has a aura that radiates strength and love. This aura is four feet in diameter. The feeling gives surrounding female a feeling of empowerment and confidence and males who are in the area of her aura feel attracted to her. This aura last for five topics and will need a topic cool down.

Life Before CJ*: Tanzania was born in Bellona's sacred temple and was soon sent down to Earth to her lover, Hekeem, a son of Venus. Bellona was impressed by his submissive nature toward women so she decided to bless him with a child. Hekeem named his daughter Tanzania Claudia Africanus. She attended school when she turned four and excelled greatly, passing each class with flying colors. Tanzania was always told by her father that she had both brains, beauty, and bronze which made her a triple threat to some of her fellow peers. However she never let that get to her, staying humble (to a certain extent), and keeping her head in her books. At the age of seventeen, Tanzania left New Rome and traveled to Ohio to stay on Ohio State's campus for a week through a program that she heard about. While there, the wolves of Lupa met her, and led her to the House of Lupa to learn how to fight and protect herself against monsters. Tanzania then left from there and headed back to Camp Jupiter to be apart of the Legion.

RP Example*:
Any notes about your characters:
*Legacy's powers aren't as strong as a regular demigods.

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Egyptians: MalcolmBellamyBa'alEvan
Aztecs: CarmenSantiagoJavierZoilaGonzalo
Chinese: Lei
Norse: CalderBryant-JaceGretchenMohinderVincent
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Tanzania Africanus
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