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 day, sloan

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PostSubject: day, sloan   day, sloan Icon_minitimeFri Mar 04, 2016 10:24 pm

Name:Sloan Georgina Day. Sloan was named after her late grandmother Sonya Day; it is customary in the Jewish religion to name your child after a deceased family member. (Commonly you use the first letter of the deceased’s name, or the first sound.) Sloan means  warrior in Gaelic origin. Sloan’s Hebrew name is Gavriela, which means strength in god. Sloan only used that name in Hebrew School. It’s like in a foreign language class where you are given a name from that language and you are addressed/address others by that name.
Age: Sloan was born July 21, 1997 at six fifteen p.m., making her eighteen years old.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hometown: Boston, MA
Eyes:Her eyes are a very dark brown, they almost look black. But in the sun they are a lighter color.
Hair:Sloan has cute blond hair.
Body Type:Sloan has a light build with  small joints and lean muscles. She has a small frame and is at the lower end of the BMI scale. Because of her ectomorph body type, she has tiny shoulders that are not broad.
Skin Color:Sloan’s skin is pretty pale and she has so many freckles good god.
Follower of: Horus
Father:Andrew Day found a five day old baby at his door step when he was only 21 years old. Obviously he wasn’t ready for this kid. He had only started his third year in biomedical studies. Now, a 39 year old biomedical engineer, Andrew loves his daughter very much. He spoils Sloan, but who wouldn’t if you dropped your baby off at your extremely annoying ‘Are you rich yet?’ father. Needles to say, Andrew does not want Sloan near his father any more. Andrew is a hard working guy, and he gets really invested into the work he is doing. Currently, he is studying the brain and the senses that are controlled by the different parts of the brain.
Mother:Kimberly Day was Andrew’s high school sweet heart before she went across the country to attend college. Kimmie literally ran back into his life at a park. They ran into each other, running. Then they both were 24 years old at the time, and she was working as a dentist. The two hit if off and two years later they were married. Kimberly is kind to her step-daughter, but does not spoil her like Andrew.
The Days currently reside up in Boston, Massachusetts in a three story house. It’s pretty cozy inside, it has a rancher feel to it. Sloan normally hid in her room, but who wouldn’t? She has so much fandom merch, she could run a museum.
cosplay-> I mean, Sloan’s got serious skills in cosplay. From the Tenth Doctor to Bella Swan, Sloan is the master. Literally, have you seen her Tenth Doctor Cosplay?
makeup->If you can make yourself look like a man, you are probably pretty good with makeup.  Before moving to Boston, Sloan went to George Washington Carver or Carver High School. It’s a Magnet school, and her Magnet was cosmatalogy. And she was pretty good if she says so herself.
Field Hockey-> fhock is love, fhock is life.
Weapon**:Sloan uses celestial bronze bows and arrows.
Personality:Sloan can either be a stereotypical daughter of Aphrodite or an extreme fangirl. She loves the whole beauty process and will take hours just to perfect her eyeliner.Or then there would be a binge marathon of Orange is the New Black and she wont change her  clothes for a couple of days. Sloan is like a cute little nurse, always trying to help out others if thy want it or not. It has become a real problem. Another problem is that she is bubbly and friendly. A little too bubbly and friendly. Which is not that bad, but sometimes it’s kind of weird.
Fixated-> Sloan is obsessed with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Or anything Sherlock. Elementary, BBC’s Sherlock, Sherry Holmes, anything. It’s pretty obsessive and weird.
Impish-> Sloan is annoyingly playful. Likes so annoying she is like a five year old.
Overemotional -> I mean, she’s a hardcore fangirl.
Liar->Man, Sloan can lie. She lies so often, that nowadays it just sounds sounds like she’s telling the truth.
Ears-> Ew, Sloan hates her ears. There so pointed and long and ugh. But on the bright side, Sloan didn’t have to do much with her ears for her hobbit cosplay.
Meddlesome-> Sloan gets into everybody’s business it’s pretty bad. It’s normally when she meets someone know, she thinks that’s a good way to make friends. And obviously it’s not. I mean would you want to befriend someone who tries to know your dating life. I mean, she might set you up with someone icky.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): N/A
Life Before Camp*:.Sloan and her parents lived in a pretty reform Jewish neighborhood. Everyone went to the same shul, they went to each others bar/bat mitzvahs. It was a very close knit community. Sloan liked it there, and she lived there for around 17 years. (she did not move to Massachusetts until she was seventeen, she was a summer rounder until she moved.) When she was at her petty middle school farewell,  there was a monster attack. No one got hurt, but the host school doesn’t allow that school to come back. A satyr was in the audience, creepy right, and then took her to camp.
And in the gardens I get lost
That is unless I'm getting found

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day, sloan
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