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 parks, marina

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PostSubject: parks, marina   Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:06 pm

Notes:Full name: Marina Parks, some people call her Rina but that doesn’t really stick that often.
Gender: Cis Female
Age/Birthday: 18, she was born on April 26th.
Place of birth: Maine
Sexuality: Marina is bisexual, biromantic. She often goes back and forth between boys and girls and enjoys both
Eyes: Bright bright blue.
Hair: Curly light brown, the curls are in wavy ringlets. Sometimes she has bangs.
Body type: Ectomorph
Height: 122 lbs
Weight: 5'3
Typical clothing (optional): rompers
Skin color/race: tan
Follower of: amun-ra
Father: Jonathan Parks
Mother: Suzie Parks
Siblings: Gabe Parks, 24;Aliana Parks, 27
Personality (at least three lines): A good word to describe Marina is wild. She’s absolutely reckless and thinks about how cool something would be before she thought of the punishments of it. She likes moving fast and causing just a little bit of havoc on the way. Marina can be a little violent when she threatens people, or when she follows through that threat. Marina is a coffee addict and that doesn’t help how hyper she is. She’s literally the wild Parks child, bye.
Flaws (at least 4): Indecisive-Marina can’t choose on anything, she has a hard time with commitment, she’s too wild and doesn’t know her limit, and Marina is too stubborn and can get p violent.
Pets (optional): none but she really loves Aliana’s dog.
Weapon (optional): She has a big ass sword and staff that compliment her big ass personality.
Magic they know: She can harness energy and works with light magic
Time in the House of Life: 12 years.
History (at least eight sentences): Marina was too young to understand Aliana’s seizures, she would just notice her parents and sister disappearing and the returning. In childhood, Marina wasn’t really that problematic. Well, she was, but her other brother Gabe was more of a hot mess so that Marina was able to get away with more stuff. She was the youngest, so she lived the cushiest out of the three Parks siblings. Her life before Brooklyn House was pretty normal. She went to a public elementary school. Though that was cut short due to it being time for Aliana to go to Brooklyn House. The two moved down to New York when she was 6 years old. Marina fell in love with extreme combat because she thought it was the most interesting.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form):
Everything is going wrong But we're so happy

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parks, marina
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