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 ortiz, wyatt

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PostSubject: ortiz, wyatt   Fri Mar 04, 2016 9:27 pm

Name: Wyatt Alexander Ortiz. The name Wyatt is from english origin and comes from the name Wigheard. The name Wyatt means brave.
Age: February ninth, He's 24. He was born in Long Island, New York.
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown, how it got so dark is up to your imagination
Height: 6’2
Body Type: Muscular
Skin Color: Olive.
Follower of: Khonsu.
Mom: Kira Ortiz. Kira was born on August 19th, 1964 in Rio De Janeiro. Kira moved to New York when she was 20 years old and attended Julliard. She is now a ballet teacher.
Father: His dad is unknown to Wyatt. His father got Kira pregnant when she was fresh to New York and left her. He sucks.
Country of Origin: United States of America. However, he moved to Brazil in his early childhood.
Pets: n/a
futbol- Wyatt is a master at futbol. He has been playing since he was three years old. Before going to camp, he was offered to play soccer at MaxPreps, but he declined so he could go to camp.
astrology- as a young child, Kira and Wyatt would go outside on the roof and chart stars. He finds stars absolutely breathtaking. And he loves the stories behind the constiliations too.
Wyatt also is pretty good at basketball and guitar, but they’re not his forte.
Weapon**: he his want and staff
Personality: Wyatt is a big muffin. Everyone is a muffin. Wyatt is super caring and calm and would do anything for his girlfriend. Wyatt can be super chill and just sit there and play his vinyl records that he still has. Wyatt also has some abandonment issues from his father and he doesn’t want people who he loves to leave him. It's honestly pretty bad and he will dissociate himself with the person before they can. But he’s super cool and slick af. Love Wyatt. He's a super slick person and can woo all the girls, can is the key word because he would not do that anymore. He doesn't like when things change he prefers to have everything stay the same. Wyatt is a confident butthead, but he's cute and is very persistent.

arrogant- Wyatt can get too annoying when he thinks too highly of himself. He tends to get really arrogant after he plays sports, and wins.
sore loser- He hates losing. Really really hates losing. And Wyatt will defend why he won till the death.
Wyatt is terrified of heights, he can barely survive those elevators with the clear glass walls where you can see everything.
Life Before Camp*: Wyatt was born in a hospital in Long Island to Kira Ortiz. Kira is a loving mother and would do anything for her son. Kira hired a babysitter straight after Wyatt’s birth. Her name was Nathalie Thomas and she was cruel to Wyatt for two years. Wyatt didn’t know why she was cruel, but it was because she was recently divorced and crabby. One day Kira caught Nathalie in the act and fired her impatiently. From there  on, she brought Wyatt to her ballet studio, telling him she was protecting him from people like your father.
When Wyatt was four, the Ortizs moved to Rio De Janeiro to live with Kira’s mother, who frankly was losing it. Maria Ortiz died a year later; it was a burden for the whole family. Kira was struck with grief and no longer stargazed with Wyatt. When Wyatt was ten, he and his mother barely shared eye contact. Wyatt moved in with his uncle a year later when Kira went to a retreat to get back to her old life. Wyatt and his uncle moved back to New York when his uncle was offered a better job. Wyatt was brought to the house of life when he was 12. When he was 17 he met Leah Howard and told her that they were soul mates, and he was joking but it turned out that they're actually soul mates and my otp forever. In the beginning of his college experience he went through a rough patch involving his girlfriend and some heart and relationship problems. That's okay now, they're back together and cute. He's studying for his masters for astrology while training young magicians.
Begging for love but you're old enough to know better than you know

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ortiz, wyatt
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