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 andorra, killian

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PostSubject: andorra, killian   andorra, killian Icon_minitimeFri Mar 04, 2016 9:11 pm

name- killian jackson andorra. he has no nicknames, and literally please do not him killy. that’s gross.
age-killian is 21 years old. but he could be assumed along the age range of 18-23, which has it’s perks. he was born on may twentieth.
country of origin-france
last residence-arbois, france. a town in paris.
hair-killian has a light shade of brown hair. he has a lot of hair, and some may say it looks like a mop. he doesn’t brush it, it kind of just forms the way it is on it’s own. it is also very wavy. and pretty, his hair is pretty.
eyes-his eyes are beautiful oh my god. his eyes are a vibrant blueish greenish mix and is gorgeous.
body type-mesomorph
style-killian may or may not dress like a hobo surfer most of the time. he doesn’t even surf.  he wears khaki shorts and sweatshirts on the daily. he doesn’t even wear shoes. but, i must say he cleans up very nicely.
god parent-nemesis. although, she was called nina when she met killian’s father.  killian has never met his mother, but his siblings say that she’s cool.
mortal family:
father- jean-louis andorra, a parisian lowly artist. he’s cool killian guessed, but he wasn’t ever really a dad fan. or a mom fan, he is not a parent fan basically.
sister- michelle andorra, 20.
michelle’s annoying but he loves her. michelle is a little reckless, but that’s fun, right? at least killian isn’t home to hear her parties all night.
sister-jolie andorra, 26.
she’s basic and dumb. but in reality jolie is the model andorra child. perfect grades, perfect manners, perfect social life. but she doesn’t have perfect hair. that is killian, killian’s hair is the best.
personality-killian is a pretty hyper guy, he’ll go through conversations in a split second. he’s a very determined and will stick onto something until it is done. which includes revenge. he will destroy someone before he will eat. he will go out of his way to make sure someone will have their comeuppance.  but on the other side killian is pretty chill. he loves making short films. or documentaries exploiting a certain person. it’s fun.
talents-short films, painting,talking
flaws-stubborn, arrogant, gets too invested into pointless things.
weapon-ig 24inch longsword.
life before camp haflblood- the andorra family lived in this nice three story in arbois, france. killian was forced to share a room with michelle and jolie for his first four years of his life, so he was ecstatic to find out when he moved to arbois he got his own room. to top it all off, he got the biggest room in the house, which was pretty cool. when killian was seven years old, he was introduced to the art of filmography and visual design. killian fell in love with it entirely and then began obsessing over it. By age 12, killian’s life was consumed with his video cameras. It was school, video, school, video. lupa and the wolves picked him up a year later and then was taken to camp Jupiter.
notes- fc,kickthepj
Look who's digging their own grave That is what they all say

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andorra, killian
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