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 armon, eleanor

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PostSubject: armon, eleanor   Fri Mar 04, 2016 9:05 pm

Full name:
Eleanor Hope Armon. Some nicknames she goes by are Nellie, Nell, and Elle. Nellie is the most common nickname she goes by but she would respond to anything.
19. She was born on November 13, 1996 in her parent's bathtub. They weren't really prepared.
Bright blue, but nowadays they look a little cloudy.
Hair:Her hair is a bright red with darker undertones. We're pretty sure it's natural.
Body type:Ectomorph.
Height: 5'4, average.
Weight: 105 lbs.,  she's been losing weight recently. Maybe stress?
Typical clothing (optional): Eleanor wears large sweaters with jeans on a good day. Some days it's a hot groufit.
Skin color/race:Pale Caucasian.
Father: Aaron Armon, 47. Mr. Armon is actually Dr. Armon and he is in pediatrics.  
Mother: Heather Armon, 45. Heather is both a teacher and a waitress. Surprisingly she makes more money waitressing.
Follower of: Isis,  goddess of magic.
Magic they know: Eleanor's staff allows her to manipulate the elements and to summon stuff. She knows a lot of curses and counter-spells.
Weapon (optional): She has a ivory want and staff.
Time in the House of Life: Six years, she came to the House of Life when she was 13.
Personality: Nellie is definitely extroverted. She is loud, extremely sassy, and wants to fight everyone. She's definitely the one to go and talk to everyone at parties. A lot of the extroverted Nellie regressed after the yearlong quest she took part in. Nellie lost a sense of innocence and lost the feeling that she was protected. She has become hyper vigilant and is easily startled. When she was sixteen she isolated herself from all magicians at the House of Life, but at age 19 that is not the case. Something that remind her of the quest send her into a panic attack, but that's a rare occurrence for the magician. Nellie is kind, though it may not be seen as so since she is extremely sarcastic. But she has good intentions. She's just a magician with ptsd and a lot of anxiety, okay????
History (at least ten sentences): Eleanor was never supposed to be. Look what good introduction this is becoming. But it was true, Aaron and Heather planned on never having kids, for financial reasons even though that neither of them didn't need the financial assistance. But one night and nine months later Eleanor Hope popped out when Heather was 26 years old. The two took very good care of Nellie and even spoiled her a little bit. When she was thirteen she was dropped off at the House of Life when she learned she was a follower of Isis, how would you even know you were a follower? Any who, Eleanor was a promising young magician and that's why a year later she was given her first quest with another magician named Adrienne Martin. Adrienne was and is the complete opposite of Nellie personality wise, and it was very awkward the first couple weeks of the quest. In the middle of the year long quest however the two became romantically involved. But the year long quest was super, super, rough on the two girls, especially Nellie. It's been five years and Eleanor has become a lil...shakey. Now being 19, she trains magicians in offensive techniques.  
All we do is think about the feelings that we hide All we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign

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armon, eleanor
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