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Let the children of different gods all unite! We are one, and we are related! Credit to Peggy Carter for the site banner and icons!
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The Dynasty
about Zhou Yu is basically a ten-year-old in a 16-year-old’s body. He’s extremely insecure and puts his own emotions before anyone else’s - like seriously he doesn’t care about what you’re feeling. In reality, Yu’s family has a little secret. His father died when he was ten and left him with his very strict, very tough mother. How is he still living? That’s just it. He isn’t.
friends Tang Briar shares the same secret. She’s one of his best friends and the sweetest person in the world I promise you. Then there’s Long Olivia, who went on a quest with Briar and Yu to discover who they were. She’s a princess, but won’t let Yu call her that.
enemies N/A
lovers Zhang Lei started off as one of Yu’s best friends, but eventually their friendship began to lose boundaries. After seeing how they saved each other’s’ names in their phones, the two began dating and finally became a couple. Lei is Yu’s “Appa”.
about Wang Kevin is a fortune teller, because his mom passed it down. He technically has no gender but whatever. He’s Korean-Chinese, a househusband, and drinks a lot of tea to calm the scary visions of people dying. He doesn’t sleep well at night. :)))))
friends Yoa Yan is one of Kevin’s closest friends because, not only is she an adult, but she’s the High Priestess of Camp Dynasty. They share tips about ruining the sanity of others and it’s great. Not so much friends as family but his children, Han Wei and Ellie, are very close with Kevin. Sure, they’re babies, but being a stay-at-home dad has brought them closer to each other.
enemies [iThe Elders[/i] and anyone who gets their bad fortune red by him hates Kevin. It’s not his fault! He was just being honest!
lovers Wang Xia is the woman he’s loved since teenage years and who he Rick Rolled to get her to go out with him. They got engaged right before she got deployed, and married upon her return. They’ve been married for three, almost four, years and honestly, Kevin would be lost without her.
about Chan Jia is an artist that paints her emotions. And trust me she’s plenty emotional. She paints her feelings and whatever she finds aesthetically pleasing, and isn’t afraid to tell you if it is you she’s going to paint. She finds beauty in the smallest, most precious things and would never hurt a fly.
friends Wang Xia is a little old to be her friend, but she stops by the shop a lot to borrow spare pieces to create a masterpiece. Their names sounds very similar, too, so they look up at the same time when someone calls them. Jia’s also cool with Yingtai Meili because, well, she has a huge crush on her twin brother. What? They’re also friends because Meili’s nice! And...have you even seen Shun’s face?
enemies N/A
lovers Yingtai Shun has been mentioned above, and he is in fact a babe. He’s the “party type” but also lazy as hell and honestly, Jia’s head over heels. She paints him frequently, which he doesn’t mind, and has maybe painted all of him once or twice if ya get my drift. They aren’t official...yet...but Jia will keep painting him no matter what happens.
about N/A
friends N/A
enemies N/A
lovers N/A

//Yu|ZhànshìKevin|Fortune TellerJia|Wenchang Wang//

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