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 Blue Sundress

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Peggy Carter

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PostSubject: Blue Sundress   Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:43 pm

It was a bright Saturday afternoon and Bea, Hudson, and Sage sat around the small table in Bea and Hudson’s new apartment going over paint swatches. It was kind of early for them to be thinking about the nursery, since Bea was only 3 months into it and there were still towers of boxes sitting everywhere in the apartment that needed to be unpacked.

“You guys don’t even know the sex, that’s why I say green or yellow.” Sage was saying. She took the stack of pinks and blues and whites and moved them to the side, moving the pile of green and yellow to the middle.

“Yellow’s awful,” Hudson commented, giving the stack of yellow swatches a look of distaste while taking a sip of his tea.

“My room was yellow when I grew up.” Sage responded, pulling out the brightest shade of yellow and waving it around in hudson’s face.

"You were raised by hippies.” Bea said. She picked up a calm shade of green and held it up for Hudson to see. “I like this one.” She said.

“That’s beside the point,” Sage shot back, “Anyways, you could always go for a nice mural, something cute like a forest or ocean. It probably speaks to bo-” But Sage was cut off by the door springing open, followed by a 16 year old girl clad in a wrinkled blue sundress. Her brown hair was disheveled, and she bent over trying to catch her breath. Her cheeks were bright red, a shade that no one had ever seen on a living person besides Donald Trump.

“BEA” She screeched, startling the three adults at the table, “I KISSED SOMEONE.”

Bea’s expression was a mix of surprise and amusement, “Who is he? Diggs?” Her expression got more serious, “Did you kiss Diggs?”

Hero’s hands covered her face, but she still shook her head.

“Who then?” Bea asked, “David? Ahmed? Peter? Edward? I don’t know that many people in your grade, Hero, you’re going to have to tell me.”

“JEMMA.” The reply came muffled behind Hero’s hands, but Bea heard it clearly enough.

“Oh,” was all she could say, “well that’s a twist.”

While Bea was wrapping her head around this development, Sage clapped her hands together. “I knew it!” she exclaimed, “I totally saw this coming. I’m so proud of you!” Sage stood up from her chair, wrapping her arms around Hero.

“Why did you never tell me?” Bea asked

“Because,” Hero removed her hands from her face, “You were so busy with the baby and Hudson and the new apartment I figured you wouldn’t have time to talk to me about my crushes.”

Bea suddenly felt really bad, her life had gotten so crazy and maybe she had forgotten about the most important person in it.

“Come here, Hero,” Bea opened her arms and Hero almost ran into them. “You can always come to me about anything, no matter what. You’re my number one.”

“I beat out Hudson?”

“Of course you did.”

“Bea?” Hero pulled away from the hug, “What do I do now?”

“What do you mean?” Bea asked

“Well Jemma and I sort of kissed, but then I got scared and ran away.”

adrienne martinelli- anubis
aliana parks- hathor
chloe archer- wadjet
devin lawless- set
emily friedman- serket
leah howard- hathor
ruth palmer- isis
sylvie larson- anat

bea grantham- vertumnus
freja eklund- jupiter
hero grantham- vertumnus
jena zaman- pax
kara peña - legacy of cupid and mercury
paige evans- legacy of veritas and venus
roz miller- mars
sage weber- pomona
sammy koenig - legacy of latona and summanus

alexa vendez- legacy of mixcoatl and xochiquetzal
maggie hernandez- tlacloc / middles tribe leader
margot zhang- tepeyollotl

ava huang- lu-pan
xia wang- i-ti

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Blue Sundress
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