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 Cyrus Delgato-Bravo

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PostSubject: Cyrus Delgato-Bravo   Sat Aug 01, 2015 4:41 am

Full name: Cyrus Fabián Delgato-Bravo
Gender: Cis male
Sexuality: Pansexual, demiromantic
Age/Birthday: 19/20 July 1996

Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Also dark brown
Body type: ALSO DAR- Kidding. He's pretty muscular and average height.
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 170 lbs
Typical clothing (optional): NOTHING. I'm kidding again. He usually wears a lot of tanktops, button-ups, and hoodies (not at the same time). For pants, lots of basketball shorts and sweatpants. Jeans are uncomfortable to him. Shoes - tennis shoes.
Skin color/race: Light brown/Mexican

God Parent: Tlaloc, god of rain, fertility, and storms
Legacy of: No one he isn't special
Mortal Parent: Ysabel Celia Delgato-Bravo
How they met: Ysabel worked as a gynecologist in a hospital, who was checking out a pregnant patient who had came with her husband. The husband was not a very good one, and long story short Ysabel and he did things and Cyrus was born. The husband happened to  be Tlaloc and poof. Demigod.

Personality (at least three lines): Cyrus' personality reflects his powers. What does this mean? He can be as calm and steady as a gentle rain, or as fierce and dangerous as a storm. He is very protective over what he loves, which reflects his dad's fertility aspect. Cyrus is also very flirtatious, though tough to win over. He does have the capability to be stern and has been called an a-hole, but that's only because he takes his position as Senior Tribe Leader very seriously and is not afraid to put a subordinate in their place if they get too comfortable.
Pets (optional): N/A: he doesn't have time for a pet
Weapon (optional): A sabre sword made with the tears of a fourteen year old boy conquest steel.

Storm manipulation- He can create storms that are within a two mile radius. Each storm varies in strength, ranging from lightning and thunder to a minor tropical storm. They last for three posts or until his goal is met.
Rain manipulation- This is a fun power that he uses to mess with people. He can create miniature storm clouds that hover above a subject for five posts, and will begin to rain with a snap of his fingers.
You are the father- Cyrus has the ability to tell if someone is pregnant/is able to become pregnant/if a certain ground is able to to grow food. It's a passive ability, and fertile areas seem to have a blue tint from Cyrus' perspective.
Rain, rain, go away- Cyrus cannot get wet while it's raining unless he wants to. Without concentrating, he will stay completely dry during a thunderstorm.
I got sunshine- The clouds shift with Cyrus' mood: when he is upset or afraid, the sky darkens; when he is happy and carefree, the sky is clear. When he is upset/afraid the feeling of the calm before the storm can be felt by others (that static-y feeling and thickening of the air).

Time in camp/the legion/the House of Life: 6 years
History (at least ten sentences): Cyrus was born in Durango, Durango to Ysabel Delgato-Bravo and Tlaloc...wait, Tlaloc wasn't there. Scratch that. Cyrus was born and raised by his mother in Durango, Durango, Mexico. As a child, he was very accident prone and tended to injure himself at every turn, which hasn't changed much since then. He remembered that every time he got hurt and cried, the sky would darken and his mother would rush him inside. Cyrus still isn't sure how she knew something was up with his parentage but has guessed that at some point during his conception Tlaloc mentioned something about it. Anyway, he was thirteen (and with a broken arm) when his father put him to sleep and delivered to the Mexican Isle. He had to be trained extensively as a new blood because he had a tough time adjusting to the strictness of camp (he used to be a bit more rebellious when he was younger) and eventually he got the hang of things. The record he had as an early new blood stopped him from becoming the senior warriors' tribe leader, especially when compared to another warrior named Santiago who was originally supposed to lead the seniors. Cyrus was then supposed to lead the junior warriors, but when Santiago declined his role as senior tribe leader Cyrus continued to prove himself until that title was reached. He's constantly on edge with this position even though he's had it for a while, and does all in his power to remain respected amongst the senior warriors.
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form):
Cyrus was walking back from the market place later one night after an intense workout at the fútbol fields when his attention was drawn towards the sound of running footsteps. Alarmed, he went to check them out. As he turned the corner he could make out four silhouettes: three laughing and moving quickly and one panting and rushing towards a dead end. Cyrus quickly ducked against the wall, his dark clothes providing camouflage as he listened in to the conversation. The two of the three voices sounded very familiar - he recognized them as two of his senior warriors. He didn't waste anymore time. Without relying on his powers, Cyrus crept up behind the three that were advancing towards the one.
"Buenos noches." He said calmly from directly behind one. The three jumped in alarm, but Cyrus looked very relaxed. Almost eerily relaxed. "Whoops. Sorry, didn't mean to scare you."
"Cyrus! Hi!" Cyrus tried not to roll his eyes as one of the senior warriors tried to play off his nervousness. "Uh...what are doing around out here?"
"Exercise. It's important to stay healthy, right? I mean..." He leaned in very close to the warrior - so close that they could share breaths. The warrior gulped and grew uncomfortable. "You don't need me to tell you that. I can tell you workout a lot."
"I-I don't...I'm not i-interested...I-I don't..."
"You don't? Well what about your friend?" Cyrus backed away from him and moved on to the other senior warrior, a girl. "What about you? You're awfully pretty, aren't you?"
The girl shook her head and backed up guiltily. Cyrus smirked and pretended to look shocked.
"What? You don't like being pursued against your will? I'm guessing my forwardness is making you uncomfortable." He watched their faces as they began to understand what he was saying. "So what makes it right for you to harass someone who was minding their own business, hm?" Cyrus gestured to the person against the wall, a new blood as it seemed, then crossed his arms over his chest. He waited for an answer and, as he expected, did not receive one.
"As I thought. You" - he pointed to the one warrior he didn't know - "I will find out what tribe you are in and you will be punished. As for you two" - Cyrus did finger-guns at the two seniors - "I'm giving you ten seconds to run back to the barracks. We're going to have a nice discussion about this. Your time starts now."
As the three took off, Cyrus turned to the new blood and smiled kindly at her, giving her enough space to recover from her chase. "I'm sorry about that. Are you okay?"
She nodded, but her still looked shaken up. "I'll walk with you back to your hall. Trust me, whatever they were planning is going to be immediately squashed. My name's Cyrus."
-fc//Carlos Penavega
-Senior Tribal Leader
-Hella cute
-I don't know what I'm doing
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Cyrus Delgato-Bravo
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