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 //cliche halsey lyrics here// w-i-p

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//cliche halsey lyrics here// w-i-p Empty
PostSubject: //cliche halsey lyrics here// w-i-p   //cliche halsey lyrics here// w-i-p Icon_minitimeFri Jan 08, 2016 3:10 am

//cliche halsey lyrics here// w-i-p Tumblr_inline_ny3styOurk1t3fb21_500//cliche halsey lyrics here// w-i-p Tumblr_inline_ny414rNeDi1t3fb21_500//cliche halsey lyrics here// w-i-p Tumblr_inline_ny3ycsjAJv1t3fb21_500

Full name: Samia "Sammi" Nawra Ahmed
Gender: Cis female
Age/Birthday:19/31 March 1996
Place of birth: Zaranj, Afghanistan
Sexuality: Pansexual; demiromantic

Eyes: Hazel brown
Hair: Black and wavy; wears hijab
Body type: Pear-shaped; soft
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 132 lbs
Typical clothing (optional): A long sleeved dress with leggings and combat boots is her most worn combination, but you can catch her with a sweatshirts, jeans, and fluffy slippers around the mansion.
Skin color/race: Pale almond/ Afghan/Egyptian-American

Follower of: Taweret, goddess of childbirth and fertility.
Father: Mis'id Ahmed
Mother: Hadjara Ahmed

Personality (at least three lines):
Flaws (at least 4):
Pets (optional):
Weapon (optional):

Magic they know:

Time in the House of Life:
History (at least eight sentences):
RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form):
-fc//ruba zai

//Yu|ZhànshìKevin|Fortune TellerJia|Wenchang Wang//
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//cliche halsey lyrics here// w-i-p
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