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 Phoenix Potter - Daughter of Luna

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PostSubject: Phoenix Potter - Daughter of Luna   Phoenix Potter - Daughter of Luna Icon_minitimeThu Jan 07, 2016 2:57 pm

Phoenix Potter - Daughter of Luna 15593062437_37d538658f_b

Full name: Phoenix Sylvia Potter

Gender: Female

Age/Birthday: 17/ 22/12/1998

Place of Birth: Athens, Greece

Sexuality: In question

Eyes: Deep Blue

Hair: Phoenix was born with white blonde hair, which turned to golden blonde at the age of two and darkened into fire red when she was five. At the age of 15 she died her hair silver, in honor to her mother and her lunar legacy

Body type: Having practiced a variety of sports in combination with her good metabolism has kept Phoenix in a slim but athletic build. She doesn't seem to be muscled and many mistake her for weak but she's actually quite strong, agile and flexible

Height: Phoenix is a person of medium height, 5' 5 feet or 1.65 meters

Weight: Phoenix is lightweight without being underweight, at 53 kg or 116 lb.

Typical clothing (optional):

Skin color/race: Phoenix is quite pale by birth, a feature that was only accented as she grew up due to her barely going out in the sun.

God Parent: Luna

Mortal Parent: Daniel Potter

How they met: Daniel is an archaeologist, who's passion is mythology and legendary creatures. On one of his lectures in the University of Glasgow, he met Luna, who posed as one of the professors. They went together on his next trip to Egypt, where they fell in love. She explained the roman gods to him before she left him. Heartbroken, he continued his work around the world and, 9 months later, while he was on another trip to Greece, he received Phoenix.

Personality (at least three lines):  Phoenix seems to be quite simple on the outside, but she's truly complex on the inside. She appears to be a funny, social, a bit hot-headed and stubborn, sometimes childlike and immature and friendly person. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to listen to others troubles. She will go to great lengths to help them but she would never admit it aloud. Inside, when she's alone and no one's looking, she's a big softie. She's a bit depressed and diagnozed with bipolar disorder at the age of 15. She has an incredibly low self-esteem and no self-respect. While she tries to appear selfish and careless, she's really selfless and worrying. She has always worn her heart on her sleeve and, even though it is why she has had it broken over and over, she won't change. When people she cares about hurt her, she tries to appear angry and upset, but in reality, due to her abandonment issues, she always says she doesn't care and ends up apologizing for driving the person to do something bad, causing her to have been used by people all of her life.

Flaws (at least 4): Phoenix is very strong minded and short tempered. She always does what she wants, is terrible at following rules, will easily pick a fight and will rarely admit she's wrong. She is a perfectionist by nature and she has self-esteem issues and she always takes it at heart when she does something wrong, loses in a fight or someone does something better than her. When she loves, she becomes completely dependable, falling deep in just a few days and constantly changing to please the one she loves.

Pets (optional): Phoenix had a cat called Moonlight during her first years at camp but she died.She wanted a new one ever since but couldn't replace Moonlight. Also, although he's not her official pet, she takes care of a pegasus, Skippy, who's silver with black spots

Weapon (optional): Her weapon is a small knife, with moon patterns engraved on the wooden handle, but she can also use a sword and a spear.

Powers: None. That's exactly why she struggles to be the best she can be, because she senses she lacks where all the rest have powers

Abilities: Due to her mother, her senses become better at night, she becomes stronger and faster and all her abilities are enhanced. Phoenix is a skilled fighter, not just with weapons but with her hands too. She taught herself taekwondo and kick boxing. She also knows how to saw and knit and how to drive cars, motorcycles and planes. She also speaks Greek, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Latin and Chinese fluently.

Time in camp/the legion/brooklyn house: 2 years

History (at least eight sentences): After receiving Phoenix, Danial stayed at Greece until she turned five. Then, as she was finally able to travel with him without bothering him in his work, they started travelling. She has since then been almost all over the world. Her travelling, along with her long hours of studying, helped her learn almost fluently most of the languages she speaks. She started at the age of 6 with French, Italian and Spanish, started Greek in the age of 11 along with German and, at the age of 14, took on Russian and Chinese. She also took a great interest in Latin and started studying them at the age of 16. She was aware of her heritage from an early age and always embraced it, not afraid to be hunted by a monster since her mother was a minor goddess. Although one day disaster came banging on their doorstep. On one of her new schools, she met an Empousa, with whom she became great friends, but who was then later ordered to kill her. Barely surviving the attack, Phoenix realized that she would not live through another attack and decided to head to camp to train with demigodly weapons.

RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form):

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PostSubject: Re: Phoenix Potter - Daughter of Luna   Phoenix Potter - Daughter of Luna Icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2016 10:45 am


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Phoenix Potter - Daughter of Luna
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