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PostSubject: paint us   paint us Icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2015 10:19 pm

It was not very often that the twins go out to main street for groceries. Meili has a very good system of making food last in their home for a very long time. Because Shun has moved in with his sister after accidently burning his apartment down, Meili has forced him to run around and do errands with her. So today they were grocery shopping.
"Now don't lose the bags," Meili instructed as she wandered off to the produce section. Her brother groaned, slowly moving over to his sister. He pulled out his little flask and took a swing, avoiding Meili's harsh glares before she asked for it.
"I know you love me." Shun teased, putting a bag of apples into Meili's 'eco friendly bags.
"I didn't say that you didn't Shun."
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PostSubject: Re: paint us   paint us Icon_minitimeSat Dec 26, 2015 2:45 am

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It was a very beautiful day in Camp Dynasty. Beautiful days meant a lot of people would be out, and a lot of people meant a lot of inspiration. Especially for our little artist, Jia Chan. She had a tough time trying to decide on either sidewalk chalk paint, but finally decided on painting. The next question was acrylic or water color. but that could always wait until she found the right subject. She was off to the side of main street, between a few carts, gnawing on the handle of her paintbrush as she stared at the blank canvas on the easel in front of her. She was about to pack up and try another place when inspiration hit her in the form of twins. Immediately she made her way to them.
"Excuse me?" She said when she was a few feet away. Jia stopped when she got close enough, blinking in shock at the both of them. "U-uh, wow. You guys are...beautiful. Can I please paint you?" Jia wanted to touch one, but that would be weird. "Are you guys related? I'm sorry"

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PostSubject: Re: paint us   paint us Icon_minitimeMon Jan 04, 2016 12:28 am

"We're twins," Meili said sharply, stuffing the fruits into her organic bag. She liked organic things, Shun liked organic bodies. He stood infront of his sister, extending his hand out to the girl, "We have nothing better to do, right Mei?" Shun looked back at his sister, giving her the twin telepathy look. The teenaged girl sighed, "I mean I guess." Which was not true. She knew her brother's shift at work started in several hours. But paintings don't take that long, right? She knew photography wasn't that long of a process, it depends on the camera really. Especially if she wanted to get photos developed then she would have to rent out a studio and everything it was a hassle. But she has never been painted before, neither of them have. What's the harm.
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