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 Cleric Mercurio

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Cleric Mercurio Giphy

Full name: Cleric Mercurio: Cleric basically means "leader of a religious group", but his parents believed their son would one day become a leader of some sort, and decided to give him this name for good luck.
Gender: Masculine - Heterosexual
Age/Birthday: August 12th, 1999 - Cleric is currently 16

Eyes: Bright blue eyes
Hair: Dark, wavy brown hair
Body type: Lean
Height: 5'8" - 1m76
Weight: 60 kg
Typical clothing (optional): A white plain t-shirt under a dark black leather jacket, along with blue jeans and Nike shoes. Sometimes he wears dark rectangular sunglasses.
Skin color/race: Caucasian - pale

Legacy of: Mercury and Vulcan
Mother: Perry Linera-Mercurio, Daughter of Mercury
Father: Henry Mercurio - Son of Vulcan - deceased - he was killed on one occasion when he went out to San Francisco alone and was killed by a monster unknown.

Personality (at least three lines): Cleric is described to be extremely reckless, along with his laziness. Cleric finds others untrustworthy (And he sometimes need guarantees if he ever let someone borrow his stuff), and he is untrustworthy himself. He could fool you if you drop your guard too soon or easily. He is, otherwise, bold, and protective over others.
Pets (optional): None
Weapon (optional): A two and a half feet long Glaudius (I believe you mean Gladius in your Weapon's List?), with its blade forged from Imperial gold, and oak wood handle

Pyrokinesis: Cleric could use a minor bit of power from his paternal grandfather Vulcan. He could control a bit of fire, specfifically in controlling its heat and size, but he cannot control it to affect physical objects. Limit: twice per post, with a four post cooldown. The fire heat could range up to 100 degrees Celcius and down to 70 degrees Celcius least.
Enhanced Speed: Since Mercury was the god of athletes as well, Cleric could enhanced his speed to be faster than regular humans could. For instance, an average man could run 15 mph, whilst Cleric could run 25 mph. This takes him a bit more strength comparing to a normal run, and his oxygen level would most likely to deplete faster.

Time in camp/the legion/the House of Life: Fourteen years at Camp, seven years in Legion (Whatever it would be): When he was seven, he was sent out to travel to the Wolf House, where he was trained by Lupa and her wolves. He returned to Camp Jupiter two years later when he was nearly 9, and the journey almost killed him this time.
History (at least ten sentences):
ACT I: (1-7)
- Cleric was bornt in Camp Jupiter, a legacy of Mercury and Vulcan, under his parents Henry and Perry Mercurio, a son and a daughter of Vulcan and Hermes.
- He spent a few starter years of his life, playing around, and didn't care much about everything else. He didn't get to join the Legion at this such an early age, but he was patient in this troubling matter of his.
- When he was 7, his parents decided to send him to the Wolf House. He travelled the roads for weeks, with a few tips he learned from his parents. He was close to death when he finally fell on the doorsteps of the Wolf House, and he was taken in by Lupa for training

ACT II: (7-9)
- Lupa spent the next two years teaching him in a vary of combat techniques and defensive moves.
- On year one of his training, he learned sparring and advanced martial arts. He was skilled at sparring, but martial arts almost made no progress.
- On year two, which is the year he was supposed to return home, he learned how to shoot a bow, and with the skills inherited from the blood of Mercury, he was quite a marksman (or a bowman)

ACT III: (9-16)
- After departing the Wolf House, he spent another few weeks, but this time shorter than when he came, to go back to Camp. And once again, he was almost dead when he made it to the footsteps of the Caldecott Tunnel.
- He was taken back in, and joined the Legion. (I suppose the admins and moderators will choose it?) Unfortunately, when he met his mother, she was alone. She told him that his father was killed a year earlier on one occasion when he went out into San Francisco.
- He forged for himself a gladius when he was ten, a year after his return, and dumped the temporary weapon that he was given. It was a rather nice looking one, considering his paternal grandpa to be Vulcan

RP Sample (at least five sentences, only required for first form):
Cleric checked his watch.


The bus should be here any minute now.

But it wasn't.

Claric dropped his magazine and sat bolt right up, then dashes his eyes around. The street was unusually quiet. Normally, at this hour traffic would flood everything, and it was rush hour.

Undeniable that something was wrong.

"Ah, late for your bus, little boy?" a sweet and soft voice startled the kid. Claric fixed his eyes on a strange woman sitting by him on the chair of the bus station.

"Umm, no?" he replied in what was more visibly a whisper. His body was trembling and he got a feeling he knew what she was.

"Well, if you're not then why are you sitting here? You should be elsewhere, shouldn't you?" she asked again.

"Yes, but..."

"In my stomach, perhaps?" she smiled a devilish smile. And with a fiercing roar, she lunged straight at Cleric. Swiftly, Cleric jumped to the side to avoid getting caught in her claws. She darted sideways, looking at Cleric.

"EMPOUSA!" he yelled, pulling out what seemed like a dagger.

"Of course, foolish boy! What did you think I was? A filthy Cyclop? Bah!" she said the word 'Cyclop' in disgusts, then jabbed at him with her claws. Except that she exposed her side.

Using Lupa's teaching, Cleric kicked her on the side. She yelped and landed on the floor, rolling on it before attempting to balance herself. Too late. She yeled in pain as she found a short dagger stuck in front of her chest and she vaporized in a PUFF!, leaving gray dusts on the ground.

Notes: Yeah, he has a Macbook

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Cleric Mercurio
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